Worgen, which Expansion?

worgen1After writing my post about Gilneas, I had a number of readers/players defend the Worgen as the most likely race we’ll find behind the Graymane Wall.

I’ll give you this… it’s definitely the most prevalent rumor.  So I wouldn’t be surprised if I was wrong and that happened.

That being said, I still lean towards Naga.  As for Worgen?  I’ll get to that in a sec.

Remember, WoW expansions always follow a theme.  The new races, the new class… all tied to that central theme.

Gilneas will be Maelstrom.  There are four races that immediately fit the Maelstrom’s theme: Island Trolls (like the playable Dark Spears), Goblins, Pandaren, and Naga.

So yes, following that logic, the goblins are a much more likely race for Gilneas than the Worgen.

So enough.  When the hell will we see the Worgen?

Fifth Expansion.

As we discussed in our Future Expansions post, when the Emerald Dream and Maelstrom are both conquered it looks like our next move will be to take the offensive and fight the demons on their own turf.

So we’ve got a whole expansion about the demon worlds…

The Worgen fit that like a glove.  Their 1-20 starting zones could even be on their own home-world.

Keep in mind that Blizzard has already said the Draenei will be the closest we ever get to playing a demon in WoW.  With that in mind, can anything else really beat the Worgen?

Granted the other faction needs a race, so let’s push this a little further.  If the Worgen join, say, the Horde, what does the Alliance get?

The answer is subtle, but we’ve seen it.

There is one other race on Azeroth that has a huge bone to pick when it comes to demons…. Furbolgs.

Not only that, this reverse mirrors the Burning Crusade.  The Horde’s new race is a native of where we’re heading.  The Alliance’s race has a strong reason for going there.

Worgen.  Furbolgs.  Fifth Expansion.  See you there.

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1 redbeard_prime March - 2009 at 11:06 am

I still think the Naga as a playable race is a bit of a stretch … I mean, first of all, they don’t have feet. Is Blizzard going to invent some kind of tail armor slot just for one race? Doubtful. Also how would they ride mounts? The new races need to be able to fit into the existing game, so in my opinion that means they will all have two legs/arms. I’m not feeling the Goblins / Furbolgs either … I think they will stay away from the neutral races that are already in-game UNLESS you can pick a goblin/furbolg and then get to choose to be horde or alliance. That would be interesting. Otherwise, how would they handle Timbermaw rep, or all of the Goblin cities ? Suddenly only one faction has access to these? I just don’t see Bliz making a change as drastic as that.

2 redbeard_prime March - 2009 at 11:15 am

Forgot to mention … I’m leaning toward the worgen for the horde, although my knowledge of their lore is limited. Aren’t they human half the time? Also I think completing the quest chain in grizzly hills where you end up running from the worgen would be awkward if you were in fact a worgen yourself. That being said, I think they would be a nice addition to the horde. I wonder what their racial mount would be…

3 Chris April - 2009 at 7:56 pm

Seriously I don’t see worgen as a playable race and I could be wrong but didn’t arugal curse the humans in silverpine to make them worgen? And on that note how would he have corrupted gilneas? And worgen are summoned to Azeroth last I checked which was a while ago I admit but really worgen are the last thing I see behind the greymane wall

4 DeShaun April - 2009 at 11:23 am

I think for the horde, we could have the satyr race. Some of the night elves at the well of eternity turned into satyrs, giving the horde a reason to have that race. As for the alliance, the only possible races I could find are: centaur, murloc, or ogres. And of those i would think ogres to be most probable. The only possible locatikno for the new alliance race we’re talking about is: the land above elwyn forest, the land to the right of loch modan, the lnad to the right of Burning Steppes, or hyjal.

5 DeShaun April - 2009 at 11:25 am


6 KeepGilneasHuman April - 2009 at 11:59 pm

First off I don’t think they should have any new playable races in future expansions. My idea would be Horde and Alliance specific players. High Elf Ranger for alliance or Brown Orc Bezerker for the Horde.

As for Gilneas I would prefer that it remain Human. We don’t need the naga to take it. The story could be that Shortly before the Third War Genn Greymann died. His son succeded him and is in leauge with the Shadow Council. Gilneas became a dark and forlorn land. The King would be a bloodthirsty human tyrant like Vlad the impaler and the court yard is full of Pig Polls with the bodies of dissidents impaled on them. Gilneas has also been backing insurgents and subversive organizations while in leauge with the Shadow Council. Gilneas is behind the Defias, supports the Syndicate and even helped them assasinate Thoras Trollbane. Gilneas has wogan that can control there transformation in it’s population. I like that better than the Wogan or Naga being in control of it.

7 GnolllDruidPCsFTW April - 2009 at 4:19 pm

To Redbead, goblins are not only plausible, but I feel a shoe-in. It all points perfectly to the Maelstorm expansion. And of course they will be horde. Why?

1) Some Goblins already worked for the Horde at one point (goblin sappers, WC2), so you got history going for them. Plus, keep in mind, some still do….the guys that run the zeps for the Horde.
2) The Horde would then have their diminutive race that loves engineering. They have been lacking their equivalent of the Gnomes on the Ally side. So it works from a perspective of mirroring.
3) It just fits with the lore. The goblins are ruled by the merchant princes of Undermine…some island somewhere in the south. The princes are extreme capitalists. The Steamwheedle Cartel is neutral to both factions. The Venture Company is hostile to both factions. What’s to prevent some other Merchant Prince’s organization from being loyal to one side because he sees the greatest profit by doing so?
4) We have already seen Blizzard take steps toward this. As the game has gone through it’s upgrades, we have seen goblins get more and more detailed. They started out dime-a-dozen, wearing mostly the same outfit. Now they seem to be able to wear different armors, weapons and such. They have their own emotes and dances and expressions. This increase in detail has not been reflected in other NPC races (such as the Furbolg (yet?))

Just because there are already goblins that are neutral doesn’t mean there can’t be future goblins loyal to the Horde. There are humans that are hostile to the alliance, orcs that are hostile to the horde. Race does not necessarily equal being tied to a faction. If some of the High Elves can form their own faction (Belfs, of course) and join the Horde, there is absolutely nothing preventing a faction of goblins doing the same thing.

8 GnollDruidPCsFTW April - 2009 at 4:39 pm

As far as the races in the Emerald Dream are concerned, it seems to me that they will most certainly be Druidic/Shamanic in nature. It just fits with the expansion theme. That and so far, only two races on each side can be druids. The Emerald Dream expansion would be the perfect opportunity to introduce two new races that can be druids.

So who what makes sense? Well the obvious answer is the Furbolgs. And I see no reason to dispute that. However, it would not be the Timbermaw, which will remain a rep faction for both sides, even the new Furbolg tribe. (Remember, the Timbermaw do not trust their Furbolg brethren.) No, if they happen, it will be some previously unknown tribe that comes to the aid of whatever faction helped them. I think at this point, it fits well with the Alliance. They could even have them start on Teldrasil and that would prevent them having to form a new starting area and city.

So the real question is, if the Allys get the Furbolgs, what druidic race would the Horde get. Personally, my holy grail of a player race are the Gnolls. I would LOOOOOVE to play a Gnoll druid. But I don’t know how likely the gnolls are since I seem to be the lone voice asking for them. I would never rule them out, because they would seem to fit, but I still feel are not likely. Hmm….the Broken might work, except I think they are too strongly associated with Outland. It would be a step back. The Worgen are not really a “nature” race, as discussed here. The High Elves would not work. I could see maybe some Blood Elves forsaking magic and becoming druids, but they already can be a large number of classes. And then we would still be guessing about the new Horde race.

Honestly, I have no idea for the Horde. I just hope it is the Gnolls.

9 Cocles April - 2009 at 5:38 pm

Nice write up about the goblins.

And I agree, the Furbolgs would make just as nice a new race for the Emerald Dream as they would for the Demon Worlds.

Something to keep in mind. The Emerald Dream expansion is likely going to also deal with the Elemental Planes. If the new Alliance race is the Furbolgs (who can be Druids) for the Emerald Dream theme, then, for content balance, the Horde race should be Elemental Plane themed and capable of being a Shaman.

Racking my brain for a high-demand race that could fit that bill, the Ethereals came to mind. I know some who would roll one just for the way they run.

10 GnollDruidPCsFTW April - 2009 at 5:49 am

Thanks for the comment Cocles. What you say about the Horde race having strong ties to shamanism makes sense, and would fit well with Elemental Plains part of the expansion theme. Even so, I think if they add another race that is allowed to be druids to one side, there is a strong probability they would add it to the other. So either this new race on the Horde side can also be druids (along with shamans), or an already existing race on the Horde side gains the ability to make druids (Belfs? Orcs maybe?….the orcs are the least played race on the Horde side and this would help mitigate that). This latter possibility I could see, and then be mirrored on the other side with an already existing race on the Allys gaining the ability to be a shaman. (I both laugh and am excited at the possibility of gnome shamans.)

As far as ideas for a race tied to shamanism for the Horde, ethereals would maybe work, but they, like the goblins, seem too concerned with profit to turn to such spiritual pursuits. I agree they would be a cool player race somewhere down the line. But there are no shortage of “beast” races tied to shamanism that would work. What about the pig-men in the barrens? The problem with them is that they hate the Horde, who has basically done to them in Kalimdor what the Europeans did to the Native Americans in the Americas.

Centaur are definitely shamanistic. But you have the problem of game compatibility with their four legs (armor slots, mounts, etc.)

I suppose Blizz could bring a different tribes of Furbolg to each faction. But I think some would cry foul and accuse Bliz of getting lazy, just like they would if they made Taunka and High Elves new races (which I could only see if they brought them in in a patch and made their starting areas coincide with the Humans and Tauren respectively.)

Hmm…you know what that leaves, right? You got it! GNOOOOOOLLLLS! Hoody Hoo! Gnolls FTW! Plus they would fit the bill for druids, too.

11 Benjamin June - 2009 at 1:15 pm

I hate to rain on the OP’s parade, but lore suggests the Worgen, while very possibly a new enemy in Gilneas and perhaps even in league with other diabolical powers of the Maelstrom expansion, are highly unlikely as a future race…just look at their backstory as it stands (granted, that can be retconned…see TBC and Draenei). Personally, I see the following:

First of all, Emerald Nightmare is the next expansion (sorry again to the OP…I’m putting Gilneas and Maelstrom as expansion 4).

That said, I see two new races (one per faction) in Emerald Nightmare exp: Furbolgs for Alliance (they have the druidism built in, as well as shamanism, should elemental expansion truly be a part of Emerald Nightmare) and Ogres for Horde (they too have shamanism in them, and Druidism, though not exactly recorded in their lore, would not be that hard to write in…certainly no retconning required…also, they would be easy to introduce: just give the stonemauls a population boost and voilà).

As for Maelstrom, I see it being expansion #4, and I also see it (rather than Emerald Nightmare) including the Elemental Plane (which, for me, will not be made up of entire separate zones, but rather of instances and raids on the elemental lords and their bastions…imagine a CoT instance hub, but leading to different elemental dimensions rather than different points in time…and being underwater 😛 )

Yet again, I see two new races Maelstrom…but I also see Blizz wanting to shake it up a bit at that point, so: two neutral races that can choose their faction allegiance at level 10. What races could fit that bill, lore-wise, AND match with Maelstrom/Elemental Plane? Easy! Goblin aaaand…Pandaren! Of course, Pandaren might not be happening simply because they’ve always been reserved for Blizz’s inside jokes and lack any proper lore foundation…however, we can’t forget that the Draenei didn’t either, but they were still introduced…and Pandaria is said to be found on an island off the coast of Kalimdor somewhere…also, if we read the brief lore examples provided concerning pandaren, we see that they don’t have any automatic preference for either Horde or Alliance.
Beyond that, I don’t see any of the lesser humanoid races (Worgen, Gnoll, Kobold, Murloc, etc) ever being playable (nor would I want them to be…they lack the epic feel of the greater races of Warcraft…so why play them at the expense of having a real dominant race unavailable to play?)

But that’s just my two cents…we’ll see in August, I suppose!

12 Cocles June - 2009 at 12:10 am

“First of all, Emerald Nightmare is the next expansion (sorry again to the OP…I’m putting Gilneas and Maelstrom as expansion 4).”

Don’t apologize. You’re agreeing with me.

One thing you need to also consider is the sheer number of players who want Worgen to be a playable race. For all of our logical speculation, player-demand could easily throw a wrench into the gears.

13 randomrandomrandom July - 2009 at 10:43 pm

i agree with the gnoll and furblog idea,they’re both shamanistic,they are(as an opinion that would PROBABLY be agreed with by many people) capable of druid-like powers,which fits with the emerald dream elemental plains thing,whereas worgen would not(assuming emerald dream is next expansion).simply opinion

14 Mordorlay July - 2009 at 8:07 am

The Furbolgs could certainly work. However I would pit their starting zone at the base of Hyjal, branching off of Felwood (much like Ghostlands to EPL). It is, in essence, where they come from.
However, keep in mind that there are Furbolgs in Azshara, and there is a rather large doorway blocking their admittance into the caves. It could be a great starting zone, with an opening directly into Ashenvale.

As for the history of Worgen, it’s a quick one. Paraphrasing, a Night Elf wanted to stop the threat of the satyrs in Ashenvale. She found a sythe that commanded power and opened a gateway to another dimention, so to speak. Worgen started coming through. At first they obeyed and all was well, then they started breaking from the sythe and a lot more were pouring through. The Elf paniced and ran to Duskwood with it. Following the call of the sythe, she ended in a cave where the evil overcame her, taking her life.
The sythe was recovered and moved north with Argual. He was suppose to be a lord of the land, but in due time used the sythe to amass an army. The village beside Shadowfang Keep is the results (and remains) of the power used. During the day they are human, at night they are worgen.

I still can’t see Worgen inside Gilneas. If no other race could penetrate the walls, I highly doubt a worgen could and survive long enough to infect someone.

I personally can’t see any other races added, to be honest. Murlocs can’t happen, they’re the grunts of Queen Azshara. Goblins, although almost perfect, are now the neutrals and control major hubs. Naga have a pure hatred for nearly everything living and are one again associated directly with Queen Azshara. Worgen tend to have too much of a blood craze (think orcs after drinking the demon blood) when in that form, so as cool as it could be, I wouldn’t see the race being able to hold against attacking their own faction in that process. And if I remember, Panderan are out simply because they don’t want to put a race that resembles China’s national animal in a position of being slaughtered (marketing and PR reasons).
Furbolgs could work, but the counter-balance on the horde side would be left dry. Centaurs and Tauren can’t get along, Ogres, although developed into nature-loving classes were never known for intelligence or loving anything. Taunka have a great possibility given they are similar to Tauren, but where is the back story? (I play Alliance, so my knowledge is limited when it comes to them).

I’m not out to shoot down ideas or undermind people’s opinions, I’m just simply adding to the argument (late, I might add).

15 Benjamin July - 2009 at 8:35 am

@Mordorlay: I just wanted to let you know that the Worgen in Silverpine are completely independent, lore-wise, from those summoned by the Scythe of Elune. Arugal brought those into Azeroth by his own power, without any knowledge of the Scythe (he did, however, get some help from the information contained in the books written by Ur, a presumably deceased mage of the Kirin Tor and Dalaran who delved deeply into summoning and dark magics).

As for what we might find behind the Greymane wall, it’s all complete speculation right now (as in not even fact-based speculation, since we have no evidence to support any theories about what is going on back there). Worgen are a possibility due to the proximity of their territory to the wall and their known vicious cunning. Naga are equally likely, since Gilneas is a peninsula. Either way, I don’t see it being a starting zone for any race.

Regarding other races being added, of course no entire race would ever join another faction…that’s never how it works in Warcraft, anyway. There are always factions within races that join the Horde or Alliance (Stonemaul ogres joined the Horde, Barkskin furbolgs helped the Sentinels in WCIII, the Darkspears are by no means representatives of the entire troll race to the Horde, only some human kingdoms are part of the modern Alliance, etc, etc, etc). Thus, saying that it seems unlikely that the ogres joining the Horde does not mean that ogres will never be available as a Horde race. Any one tribe, clan or other faction of theirs can always go rogue and join the Horde without any problem. In fact, the Stonemaul clan, as I mentioned earlier, is already party to the Horde. They could potentially (though I agree, unlikely) be made into the playable ogre faction. As for their connection to nature, obviously they can have shaman, due to the fact that almost all ogre factions have some variation on the shaman class. The druid would not be a huge stretch since these are redeemed, and (if you go into the cave in Brackenwall village) occasionally very intelligent and compassionate creatures. If the Furbolgs can learn druidism, so can the ogres.
Pandaren can’t be ruled out simply because of Chinese sentiments against any (real or fantastic) slaughtering of Pandas; after all, the movie Kung Fu Panda exists in China (legally, I might add), and WCIII was definitely released in China (lots of Pandaren there, especially in TFT).
I have to say, I HIGHLY doubt that any lesser humanoid races (Gnomes, Kobolds, Murlocs, etc) will be included as playable races, ever. They have simply been shown, by and large, to be incapable of the intellectuality of the leading sentient races. Also, anything that hasn’t developed proper armor of its own yet can generally be discarded as a valuable ally to the leaders of the Horde and Alliance (that does not include Ogres, as you see when you visit Outland or if you played WCII and WCII:BtDP).
Finally, we cannot forget that Blizzard may always introduce new variations on or mixtures of existing races and factions via simple invention or retconning to create new factions both playable and non-playable (See Draenei and Blood Elves). So nothing is really “off the table”. However, from a lore perspective, the lesser humanoid races, races whose bodies would require special gear slots (Naga, Centaur, Harpies, etc), and NPC races introduced or heavily focused upon in previous expansions (Arakkoa, Iron Dwarves, Ethereal, etc.) seem to be highly unlikely candidates for future playable races.
Guess we’ll find out soon enough! Can’t wait for August!

16 -T July - 2009 at 5:34 am

Panderans – Alliance
Goblins – Horde

nuff said.

17 GnollDruidPCsFTW July - 2009 at 6:45 am

Goblins – yes.
Pandarans – would be cool, but will be NPC faction, if anything.

18 james July - 2009 at 3:08 pm

Hypothetically, if the goblins did join a faction, it would make the bloodsail buccaneer acheivment (kill all of bb) null because players of the same faction couldn’t enter any goblin hubs, regardless of faction,if they did have the acheivment. I will now argue myself, is it possible that a rift could develop between the goblins and only a specific sect of goblins could be playable, leaving the likes of booty bay and venture co. untouched?

19 Chimaeroid August - 2009 at 10:39 am

I personally think that the worgen and padaren are most likely races in the new expansion and my reasons follow.
The worgen do have a tie to current and future lore, with the chain of quests surrounding the scythe of elune. The worgens were an already existing race, or they wouldn’t have been able to be summoned by the scythe, and the idea that humans were turned into them is interesting, meaning that may be the original source of all the worgen. I think this ties neatly into the emerald dreams corruption, and give a tie to the potanetial future expansion.
The next expansion will probably open up several areas on the world that people have been waiting for. The worgen specifically will probably be in gilneas, coming to terms with the new race that they have become, and having ties with the undead and the blood elves, both from proximity and the “we’re not what we used to be” mentality. There is already a presence of them there, and the whole day/night switchover is easily explained by the idea they were changed by the mage Arugal, who had no idea what he was doing and was a bit too power hungry to read the directions. They have a starting instance for crying out loud, and there are refferences to the “dark riders” looking for the scythe around the karazan area. I like how blizzard gave them a lore tie to northrend too.
If the worgen race is a natural race that has been corrupted, or a previously existing race that has been twisted by the old gods, like the naga, or by demons like the satyrs, they have alot of reason to exist, in the 1-55 level, the burning crusade, and the Wotlk expansions alike.
I think they would be a horde playable race, being rather savage, and they would most likely have mages, rogues, hunters, shaman, warriors, and depending on their reason for corruption, either druids or warlocks.
The next expansion will probably follow the new races, and go to the southern islands, the previously locked areas of azeroth, the emerald dream, nazjatar, and the maelstrom. The final bosses will likely be old gods or their liutennants like ragnaros, but will also include azshara herself, and both both the black and green dragonflights, maybe even whats left of deathwing. Perhaps he has been trying to reunify the races of dragons as a means to stay alive, or more likely, gain more power. Perhaps this is a reason for the emerald dream being corrupted or the infinite dragonflight being spawned from the bronzes…
I think that having goblins as a playable race would be a mistake at this point in the game, and nearly all of the other races don’t have lore strong enough to support them. The draenei were a guess of mine, for the BC expansion, though I didn’t see all that blizzard had planned for them, but I don’t think another off-world race is likely for this next expansion, even the warp raiders. Off-world places surely exist, as evidenced by the warp raiders presence and lore, as well as by the legions several members, including the eredar, but unless the next expansion is about going to track sargearas down, I don’t think the lore supports it yet. There are probably lots of displaced races out there, many of which we have seen through corrupted members being in the legion, and it would kind of be nice to have the draenei reclaim their homeworld. I think this is at least one expansion away however.
As to who the alliance gets, if the horde get the worgen, it would have to be a race that has existed in the game, and lore, already, and it would have to have a tie to the expansions lore as well. As such, it’s likely to be in the islands. The alliance already has a history of island nations with night elves and dreanei, just like the horde has a history of places that have been corrputed and blocked off to be reopened later, like the undead and blood elf cities.
I am suppossing the new race would probably be the pandaren, as they have given a reference to being from islands, and they already exist in the game. The original ideas for game races, from what I’ve heard, actually included the pandaren and goblins, but apparently too many people wanted to play those races that nobody wanted to play anything else, so they were axed. The goblins were going to be the horde version of gnomes, and their engineering was going to be available only to horde, as gnome was going to be only alliance, and I am glad they were made neutral instead. I like the very discernible difference in “flavor” between the alliance and the horde, and not every race has an exact copy on the other side.
The only Pandaren to be seen in this game so far, was chen, and he was allied with the horde in the warcraft 3 expansion on single player mode, but the character itself was a neutral one, and could be gotten by any of the 4 factions that were in the game. The night elves and undead were their own factions, so the talk of pandaren being a horde focused race is kind of moot. I think that if the pandaren race is anything like chen, which is likely, they would probably get along better with the mentality of the alliance, than that of the horde. They also have a reason to be involved with the sturggles now, that they haven’t had beforehand. Perhaps they are fighting against naga expansion onto their lands, or are dealing with the corruption of the emerald dream, which might be something they blame the worgen for as another tie in in the way that draenei and blood elves had. Pandaren themselves are likely an evolved version of furbolgs, in the way gorlocs are to murlocs, and so the ties to existing furbolgs would not be strong, or maybe even violent, and hence avoiding faction and lore inconsistency. They might even have broken apart due to ideological differences or even exiled, like the high elves from the elf empire, or the frost trolls from the old troll empire. In any case, they could have some interesting story arcs.
Goblins and warp raiders are too self interested to be a part of the horde and alliance war, especially since they profit from the war so much.
The other existing races have several things that they must have or they are far less likely to be a part of a playable race. They have to have access to all the armor that the other races have, and mounts, which means they have to be humanoid, ie. no centaurs, naga, magnataurs, and only one body type for dragonkin. Also, they have to be able to go to all the places that the current races can go, so no giants or giantkin or vrykul, and unfortunately no ogres either, as they couldn’t get through many doors to get to vendors, quests, etc. These are for player balance and game mechanic issues, so one race is not at a disadvantage, and so that all the old stuff doesn’t have to be rewritten for just one race. As I said before, they have to exist in current lore, at least so that blizzard isn’t just pulling stuff from thin air, or at least giving the impression of doing so. The gnolls, murlocs, kobolds, troggs, furbolgs, all have a strong presence, but are more likely killed by, or already neutral to, both factions, so I discard them as possibilities. That leaves alternative versions of certain races, mechagnomes, taunka, troll and dwarf variants, the proto-troll or proto-elf races, all of which are too similar to existing races to have in the game as playable. People want a real variety, so it has to be something markedly different from an already established existing playable race.
For the sake or community interest in the worgen and pandaren, I think it likely blizzard wants to find a way to put them in the game. And from a production standpoint, these 2 races already have been made in the past, and were probably decided on years ago. Blizzard is not likely to throw away all the work that the have already done, when it fits so well with where the game is headed. I mean to say that since the pandaren and the worgen already have areas designed most likely for them, they are my first choices.
Sorry about the long post. I know it’s hard to believe that I editted this down from the full version of what I wanted to say too.

20 observer August - 2009 at 10:26 am

heh, worgen – alliance goblins – horde 3rd expansion

21 Quackarooney August - 2009 at 11:47 am

If you go to the http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/cataclysm/ site which once appeared once going to the world of warcraft website, you can see that they have unveiled what the next expansion pack is. Incase you missed it, I put the URL under Website. For the alliance, the Worgen suprisingly is their new race, and is indeed inside Gilneas. I believe it mentioned that the Worgen was partly their choice because many people wondered about their true history and origin, what was behind Greymane wall, and that the Alliance didn’t have much for bestial races, other then the draenei whom have hooves. They can be all classes except Shaman and Paladin. The night elves taught them the art of hunting and druidism, which explains why they can be those classes. The Horde gets the goblins who were being sold into slavery by a trade prince and became outcasts on the Lost Isles when their ship crashed. There are hints on the site that they joined the Horde because of unprofitable encounters from the Alliance, and not to mention being stuck on a foreign island while being attacked by Human Rogue NPCS and wild creatures probably had something to do with it. They can be all classes except Druid and Paladin.

Also they are revamping all cities so that flying mounts can be used in Kalimador and the Eastern Kingdoms! That’s going to be so exciting!

Also there is new race/class combinations coming up for the expansion. Examples are: Undead hunter, Troll druid, Tauren paladin 0_O.. Dwarf mage and shaman, and Night Elf mage.

22 Worgy Worg Worg September - 2016 at 10:33 pm

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