Where has Sargeras been?

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Sargeras will be the final boss of WoW’s 5th expansion.  That I’m sure of.  But where has he been in the meantime?  The common misconception is that he’s dead.  That’s a load of bunk.  He’s as alive as ever.  That said, Blizzard definitely went out of their way to make it as confusing as possible.

I’ll sum up some of the details here, but for the entire story, you should check out the Sargeras entry on WoWpedia.  As it goes, the problem with Sargeras lies within his famous defeat at the hand of Medivh’s mother Aegwynn.  To just add salt to the wound we then have “The Tomb of Sargeras” rising out of the ocean southeast of the Maelstrom.

So what the heck happened?

Let’s jump back really fast to 10,000 years ago during the War of the Ancients.  At the heart of the war was the Burning Legion trying desperately to open a portal to where Sargeras resided, so he could physically enter Azeroth.  It is *heavily* implied throughout the story that Sargeras’ mere entry into Azeroth would be enough to sunder it.  Consider what happened when Deathwing came back.  Now, consider this:  Compared to Sargeras, Deathwing is about as dangerous as an armor plated housefly.  Fortunately, the good guys won the War of the Ancients, so Sargeras never showed up.


It all finally goes pear-shaped a few years later when Sargeras shows up in the frozen north and is defeated by Aegwynn.  Well– obviously this didn’t make any sense.  Here’s the fine print: What Aegwyn defeated was an *avatar* of Sargeras.  His plan all along on this particular “outing” was to enter Azeroth via an avatar, be attacked by Aegwynn, lose to her, and promptly implant his spirit within her, allowing him to later take possession of Medivh.  His plan worked flawlessly.

Everything would have gone to hell (literally) if it wasn’t for Medivh’s apprentice Khadgar, who noticed the corruption.  Medivh was ultimately decapitated by Lothar himself, and the last time we saw Sargeras was when his spirit was erupting from the bloody stump of Medivh’s neck.

So, just to be clear, what Aegwyn defeated was an avatar of Sargeras, and it’s the corpse of that Avatar that is buried in the “Tomb of Sargeras”.  Some have suggested that it was only a “part” of Sargeras’ spirt that originally possessed the avatar.  I think that’s hogwash, or I at least hope it is, because that whole idea just comes across as half-baked.  “Oh, er– it wasn’t Sargeras’ spirit.  It was just a small part of it!”  Why?  What would be the point of doing that?  The lore stands just fine as it is.  To retcon the story so it was only part of his essence would only diminish the lore we already know.

So– where is Sargeras now?  If we use the pattern Blizzard established with the Lich King and Deathwing, then it’s likely that Sargeras has been out of commission since Medivh’s defeat. His spirit has then likely been traveling along the Twisting Nether back to its body, which has probably been comatose this whole time similar to Malfurion Stormrage.  But– if we follow what happened with Illidan, then Sargeras is already back home with his body and merely awaiting his next chance to assault Azeroth.  Either way, I think we can derive a pretty clear picture of what will happen at the end of the 4th expansion (the one with Azshara):

There is another “Dark Portal” (note the quotes).  This “Dark Portal” has lain dormant since the sundering, and it is *much* more dangerous than any other portal we’ve encountered.  Where as the original Dark Portal leads to Outland, this “Dark Portal” leads to Sargeras’ homeworld, probably Argus.  After Azshara is killed, something is going to happen with that portal.  The real question is, from which end will it be opened?  Will it be restored and reopened on our side, probably by the Naga?  Or will the Burning Legion open it on our end.  I think the answer will ultimately tie into what Sargeras has been doing this whole time.  If he’s been making his way back home since the death of Medivh, then it’s likely that his reunification with his physical body will be the catalyst that causes the Burning Legion to re-open it.  If, on the other hand, Sargeras has been reunited with his body for quite some time, then it’s likely the Burning Legion is unable to open it, which would mean it happens on Azeroth.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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1 honorshammer July - 2011 at 6:37 am

The storyteller in me would have it opened from Azeroth. I love it when stories present the hero with two conflicting choices. I must defeat Azshara, but in doing so, I will cause the dark portal to open allowing Sargeras and the Burning Legion access to Azeoth. But if I don’t defeat Azshara something equally nasty happens. Of course, the implication is we go to Argus in the final expansion, so the better question would be what are we going to go to Argus for. I also wonder what role the Bolvar Lich King will play in either the fourth or fifth expansions.

2 Milan Sovilj July - 2011 at 3:48 pm

It would be fun to fight him on Argus, but I hope everything isnt like hellfire over there. I worry that the World would resemble firelands, and it would be terrible if every zone was the same.

On a side note. Would the titans even try to help us, or will they try and pull a stunt like nuking azeroth if sargeras is there?

What of the old gods? Could they also be battling sargeras at this point if there are still any about.

3 Cocles July - 2011 at 3:52 pm

Also, don’t forget that the Scourge still arguably has a bone to pick with the Burning Legion.

4 escobar July - 2011 at 9:06 pm

WOW just keeps raping the old warcraft lore. Basically sargeras is level above kil’jaeden and archimonde, he’s a titan, which basically makes him a god. Can you fight a god? no. In lotr universe it would be as humans would fight saurons boss (Morgoth tells google).

5 Cocles July - 2011 at 9:32 pm

Well… the old warcraft lore made a big point of showing us that Sargeras is vulnerable when Broxigar managed to wound Sargeras before Brox was killed. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but if your thoughts are on the right path, then what was the point of Brox’s sacrifice? Or are you saying there was no point to them?

6 Isenhame July - 2011 at 9:35 am

Ugh, that whole Broxigar thing was just awful, and I don’t know if I’d call that old lore. That enchanted wooden axe, and an orc in the war of the ancients was just bad plotline, IMO.

Look what it took to beat Archimonde. Kil’Jaeden is just as powerful, and still out there; shortcutting him to get to Sargeras doesn’t really make sense. And taking down Sargeras himself….just seems beyond the scope of a 25 man raid group.

I’m not saying you’re wrong, but I wonder if you think as I do, that the lore is becoming more and more watered down with these supplemental books, and adjusting it be more “playable” for WoW….

I for one was incredibly dissapointed by the Lich King fight. Where was he Scarlet Onslaught? We didn’t completely destroy them, and we were too busy fighting amongst ourselves for them to worry about us during the ICC raid. How about instead of the exceptionally weak plotline of Tirion pally ice-blocking and then “miraculously”breaking free. (Northrend was bleak, not the setting for frequent miracles!)

Instead, how about Tirion being occupied fighting something for the fight, and the Scarlets showing up to help him finish that off after we get slain. Then he can still go super-paladin, and we get a truly bleak moment. We only win because the last of the Scarlet Onslaught shows up at the right time…probably gets destroyed, but tilts the battle just enough our way to take the win. At least Tirion would deserve the statues then…

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be Tirion, or Jaina, or Thrall, or whoever’s equal. If we were, it’d be a single player game, not an MMO. We should need these heroes battling with us to take out the great evils of the world, not chilling out in an ice cube, while we prove they’re utterly useless.


7 Cocles July - 2011 at 9:31 pm

@Isenhame You’re right, it’d probably be more accurate to describe it as “old WoW lore”.

I think you begin to tap into the source of the problem within your final paragraph. In WoW, level 60 was considered a badass. Now we’re all 85. The Azeroth of WoW is now a world where “average” means you’re a “mortal god”. And that’s just it… how can “average” and “mortal god” be the same thing? It’s confusing. Could 25 mortal gods kill Sargeras? Sure, sounds reasonable. Could 25 “average” people kill him? No, that’s just absurd. But when it comes to WoW’s Azeroth, those are the same question.

It’s not that it’s “watered down” as you say; it’s the exact opposite. It’s “overblown”. A planet populated almost entirely with mortal gods? Yeesh.

I like you’re idea of Tirion being occupied during the Lich King fight instead of frozen within a block of ice. With the Scarlett Crusade though, I honestly think they’re portrayed differently between the Alliance and Horde, but I was never able to precisely spot where that happened. I have a feeling there was a quest I missed somewhere. On the Horde side, the Scarlett Crusade/Onslaught are pure 100% villains. They’re zealous psychopaths who will kill anything living or undead that isn’t part of their group. I know when played my Horde character through WotLK, I wiped them out with zeal. And yes, I think they were wiped out and everything in the lore supports that. It’s just hard to convey that when the mobs respawn every two minutes. We wiped out every single level of their leader ship, and butchered virtually everything else. I frankly would have been pissed if the Scarlett Crusade showed up during that fight. It would have been like the Twilight Cult showing up to help.

I liked Brox and I liked Krasus in the War of the Ancients. Krasus definitely fit, and I think Brox did as well and led to some intriguing lore that has yet to be fully milked. With Tyrande and Brox being so close, why have we never seen Tyrande make an effort to meet Saurfang? That would be an awesome moment. It’d be even better if Tyrande didn’t know of Saurfang’s relation to Brox until he told her.

No– my beef was with Rhonin. He only seemed to be there for the alliance fans. “Well we have an Orc… we have to have a human!” It’s silly. Why do you need a special Alliance player representative in a story filled with Night Elves? At least we got to see how a modern mage could perform when presented with the full Well of Eternity. That was at least cool.

8 DK4DAWIN October - 2011 at 8:50 pm

Love ur posts man!

When you make another??

9 Cocles October - 2011 at 10:41 pm

With BlizzCon tomorrow you can be sure I’ll have something up this weekend if not sooner. 😉

10 Agent Possible January - 2012 at 6:52 pm

Almost all of the factions of WoW have a bone to pick with the Burning Legion. I think that every faction, good and bad will unite to destroy Sargeras once and for all.It kinda makes up for a good ending in WoW’s final expansion.

11 Agent Possible January - 2012 at 7:01 pm

I forgot to add something. If Sargeras sets foot upon Azeroth he will obliterate it.The same time the Panthions came down to Azeroth to find their world in flames would make them so sad that they can’t stand Azeroth being
tortured so they decide to destroy it completely and rebuild it from scratch.

12 @Agent Possible January - 2012 at 4:07 pm


The plot for that final boss level is when we end up fighting Sargeras with some other Titan who came back to check on the worlds the Panthion created. Somehow Sargeras gets to Azeroth and obliterates it while we are still on his homeplanet, this ends up killing the old gods and all life&magic in the world. (Lets call the other titan BOB) Bob restores the world by merging it with a other planet they made. The hero/’s(you & whoever survived the battle are transported to a remote part of the new world, trying to rebuild whatever they can of their old world. END*

*Warcraft 4 anybody? I’d rather not go with another MMO even though the lore is good.

13 @Agent Possible January - 2012 at 4:08 pm

OPPS, plothole… BOB kills sargeras as he destorys the old world?

14 ^Same person^ January - 2012 at 4:12 pm

Here’s another opinion about WowLK,

You guys do remeber that the Lich King pretty much set Arthus up to die once he found out Arthas was a arrogantpunk? He needed a new person who he could slowly corrupt and possibly escape with to a diffrent world during the final battle against Sargeras.

Opinions are welcomed to my posts

15 Matt Howard April - 2012 at 5:04 am

Hmmm…If I’m not mistaken there is a boss in the ‘End Time’ dungeon whos name is the same as Nozdormu’s only spelt backwards? He states something about the ‘true’ end time.

If so is it possible the true end time is the last expansion? Theres plenty of rumours about the Old Gods being the force behind Sargeras’s corruption. Now if they are could they use him to indirectly destroy there prison, and thereby releasing them? Bringing the true Hour of Twilight, i.e a monumental battle between the Old Gods, Burning Legions and the Titans…with us in the middle?

Replies of welcomed 🙂

16 Milan Sovilj April - 2012 at 8:52 am

I don’t think there is a true hour our of twilight. The Hour of twilight that we prevented was true. The dragon aspects lost their powers because they fulfilled their duty in stopping the Hour of Twilight.

The whole Murozand encounter is plagued with questions though. He says the cycle will repeat itself… So does Nozdormu become corrupted later or does he not since he lost his power? Or is it because he lost his power that he turns on us?

The old gods and Sargeras both like chaos where as the titans love order. I am sure that Sargeras wouldnt mind allying with these old gods considering that he allied with other beings who brought chaos I.e the demons.

17 Matt Howard April - 2012 at 9:09 am

@Milan Sovilj

Possible they could, but don’t the Old gods want to control Azeroth. Sargeras on the other hand probably, given the amount of time the Legion has spent on taking Azeroth, will want to destroy it?

But it is completely plausible that the Old gods and Legion could ally.

18 Milan Sovilj April - 2012 at 12:53 pm

Both seek chaos and disorder in the world. Control may play some role, but I am sure that the old gods just want to stir up chaos.

19 Matt Howard April - 2012 at 2:25 pm

@Milan Sovilj

Yea I agree, I have to admit I would love to see them all face off against each other

20 DatTrollGuy June - 2012 at 8:27 pm

@Milan Sovilj

I agree with you about the dragon aspects. But when Murozond said “The cycle will repeat.” He ment this. Murozond is just a Nozdormu that fell to madness. Nozdormu went forward in time with 5 heros and killed his future self (Murozond). In the future, Nozdormu will turn to madness and become the Lord of the Infinite Dragonflight (Murozond). Then, while he is for some untold reason at dragonblight, after Deathwing destroyed all life on Azeroth then sacrificed himself for N’Zoth (or his father Galakrond, im not sure.). He is randomly assassinated by his past self and 5 heros. That past self that assassinated him eventually becomes him again. Hence; the cycle repeats.

21 DatTrollGuy June - 2012 at 8:31 pm

About the true Hour of Twilight. Imo, the Dragon soul raid should have been called “Hour of Twilight” And the dungeon we know as Hour of Twilight should be called “Dragon Soul.” That being that the dungeon is just us helping Green Jesus deliever the Dragon Soul to the aspects, where as the raid is us preventing and defeating the Hour of Twilight.

22 obsidious September - 2012 at 11:27 pm

the world of azeroth has plenty of titanic relics scattered around it; and while it is true that no normal would logically be able to harm sargeras, the plethora of titan devices located in azeroth could give mortal champions the ability to harm him.

also, Kil’Jaeden was never killed at the sunwell, he was merely banished back through the portal, so he would probably be the penultimate(2nd to last) boss of the expansion in which you kill sargeras.

another thought, there is a chance that through a new CoT instance back to the destruction of Sargeras’ avatar could reveal some hidden weakness that may lead to the death of the dark titan.

alternatively, Kil’Jaeden may get power hungry and seek to control the legion, and at the end of the expansion the two clash and both get injured and weak, at which point you besiege Argus (where the two clash), attempting to wipe out both of them. the battle between Sargeras and Kil’Jaeden scorches the land, and once kil’jaeden retreats, the mortal heroes attack and destroy him with the help of velen (they were described as brothers turned mortal enemies, will assist both factions for the sake of the all worlds), who exposes his fallen friend’s weaknesses.

following his defeat, the heroes are empowered by velen, granting them an achievement elevating them above their normal class; warrior to warlord, paladin to grand-crusader etc (maybe as a title not a “class change” so to speak, although that would be cool), and this is required to enter the fortress of Sargeras, armed with the treasured armour and weapons of Kil’Jaeden, Second-in-command of the burning legion.

the fel-armour gathered in Kil’Jaeden’s castle are the only items in the universe that can harm to titan that is not weilded by another titan, save for the relics left on Azeroth in the numerous titan monuments (ulduar, uldum, uldaman etc), which alow you to craft the expansion’s legendary (relevant classes/slot TBA) which, a relic of the titans, is the only way to sufficiently weaken sargeras (even after being weakened by Kil’Jaeden he is still far too powerful for mortals), and as such there MUST be atleast one player in the raid with this legendary to defeat him.

just some thoughts.

23 John September - 2012 at 2:45 am

I definitely see Sargeras as the last boss in WoW. And there are many reasons for that. As stated above, Blizzard awlays liked complete circles and there are many examples to that. Also, reading those posts, an idea crossed my mind about the boss fight itself. How about exept for him having some abilities of his own, Sargeras also has the deadliest ability of each of the final raid bosses in each expansion? Defile comes to mind form Lich King, Mind Control from Kel’ Thuzad, Elementium Bolt from Deathwing and such. It should make sense, because more or less Sargeras has interacted with all those villains , some directly, some not so directly.

There is much lore yet to be revealed by Blizzard. The whole Ashbringer quest line never had a convincing end (there were speculations by the end of Vanila, that Turalyon was the second son of Morgraine and could be found in Outland where he would help the player to purify the Ashbringer). Turalyon’s and Alleria’s fate is still unknown. I tend to believe that we will see them in the final expansion as well (yet one more complete circle). Naga got only a glimpe fo action in cataclysm and Queen Aszhara is still not revealed, although we know she is alive and kicking and doing the Old Gods will. We have yet to see Krasus in the game as well. Not sure if the Nightmare is one of the Old Gods, but i believe that he isn’t completely destroyed . And what about Medivh? We know he is still alive and in the end of the Last Guardian, it is written that after he was freed from the spirit of Sargeras, he was able to concentrate on his ultimate goal : the final showdown with the lord of the Burning Legion. He should be around as well, if Sargeras is indeed the last boss in the whole game. And there are still other things unrevealed. I don’t recall anywhere in the rise of the Horde a true explanation of that the Naa’ru are, how they were created and what is their quarrel with the Burning Legion. If Argus is the final expansion, i really hope that Blizzard answers at least some of those questions. And call me a romantic and nostalgic fool, but i believe that a prurified Ashbringer should be indeed a weapon that can inflict injuries to Sargeras. But i think that in the final battle, Medvih, Turalyon, Alleria and maybe even Aegwynn will be there to help us.

24 pedram September - 2012 at 5:11 am

even if that happens blizzard would have more plans for the game to be continued.

25 Wilfred October - 2012 at 11:03 pm

@ Milan Sovilj. Agree with you. It will be cool, if Sargeras is the last boss of the next expansion, but I also don`t wanna see another fireland. There should be a new looking zone, were we can defeat him.

26 cauz November - 2012 at 10:23 pm

If Sargeras or N’zoth isn’t a means to an end I don’t know what is. I’d say you could effectively wrap up N’zoth, Azshara, and Sargeras in one nice expansion. Since they all correlate to one another.

27 Kanedoya November - 2012 at 2:25 pm

I believe We may very well see Azshara at the end of MoP expansion. It says “Mannoroth discovered, to his chagrin, that Azshara was far more powerful than he, and that only Archimonde, Kil’jaeden and Sargeras could have matched her.” leading me to believe She is the final boss before we square off with Sargeras and friends in the next and last expansion. Like said before, Blizzard like to make full circles, but also like to keep their fans guessing. So this will be the end of this “chapter” of World of Warcraft. If you start at Vanilla and work your way to where we are now, it all makes sense and you can almost see where it’s going. This is my belief. We take out Azshara after she may try to drown the world of Azeroth or whatever. (maybe just the Elves, she hates Elves) Whatever her plan, I think she is final boss in expansion. It’s something new so I welcome it. Ultimately, We’re all eagerly awaiting for Sargeras to rear his ugly head again

28 xraytech2 November - 2012 at 3:42 pm

I do agree that we are all awaiting for Sargeras to make a return. We now know at the end of MoP Hellscream with be the final boss. My best guess is next expac we leave Pandaria after a long war between Horde and Alliance. We run into the Naga on the way back to each owns capital city/ports. Final boss of next expac is Azshara, which leads us directly into last expac. Sargeras comes out of hiding, last expac involves taking out his agents one by one ( raid by raid) until we face him in the final battle to wrap up the game.

29 Mrbliss December - 2012 at 2:48 am

Woah woah lets get this straight the old gods are stronger than sargeras, Sargeras portal would free the old gods, old gods would kill everything including sargeras. The other titans would come back (if they do) to find Azeroth the same exact way when they first arrived, broken, dusty and ruled by the old gods. Old gods>sargeras fact.

30 jonboyo January - 2013 at 10:20 pm

You are about as misinformed as anyone roleplaying as a half-elf. Sargeras is a titan. Argus is the Homeworld of the the Eredar/Draenei. Sargeras came to their world some 25,000 years ago to offer them power for their loyalty (them being Archimonde, Kil’Jaeden and Velen). His home is not “probably” Argus. Secondly we already know that the Burning Legion cannot open portals from without. That was the whole point behind Medivhs corruption, to use Medivh to open the Portal from Azeroth. The same occured during the War of the Ancients and the Burning Legion using the Highborne and the Well of Eternity to open a portal then.

31 Konador May - 2013 at 9:54 am

I have a idea on the final expansions raid fight with Sargeras. I saw in a recent post saying that Azshara had become pretty powerful in her time, chilling in whatever she does now a days. Well after Garrosh is killed in MoP, ( I think he might be corrupted by the Sha because he was searching for a ancient mogu artifact in panda land) Azshara will then make sense to be next  expansions last boss with her goons, the naga. ( Who once used to be Night Elfs) WoW is dying by now over time so time to open the great expansion with Sargeras to awe people. Azshara is now dead, perfect time for him to attack and with his absence he should of figured out a demoniac way to kill us…Sargeras’ sword that Brox had broken a good size piece of when he fell into the Well and ported to the demon home world where he made his last stand.

The raid will be based off of, the heroes figure out about Sargeras reforging his sword so they must open up the, “Dark Portal” and face him at Argus. There everyone, and I mean every character that you can think of that’s important and good amount of armies will travel through portal to end this. The dragons gave up their powers so no messing with time and reversing stuff. Have Kil’Jaeden be 2nd to last boss like what a guy said in earlier post and during Sargeras fight, make his enrage be the completion of his sword and he wields it then just mind blowing awesome stuff should happen for the groups death. Your toons should grow like 50 feet since Sargeras is like 200, but yeh I think Blizzard will do a awesome job with whatever they plan.

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