Cataclysm Leak : Weighing In

worgenSo last Saturday I sat down to write this the big post I had been holding off on, but desperately needed to have published before BlizzCon.  The plan was to put together every single hint the lore has given us regarding the next expansion and post it all in one big, mega-post.

So I sat down, ready to write, but first decided to check my favorite WoW sites, and there it was. Boubouille had made his post spilling everything.

I read it over, thought, “Yup, that about covers it!” and decided the mega-post was now moot.

Then the controversy started.

Based on that, I think it’s time I weighed in based on what was going to be put in that post.

So what is Loregy’s official stance on Boubouille’s post?  Simple…

It’s true.  All of it.

Not only that, I think there’s a bombshell everyone’s missing regarding a particular class/race combo.  I don’t think Boubouille sees it, even though it’s boldly written between the lines on his post.

So why did Loregy take this stance?  Let’s start at the top… The Cataclysm name:  That’s a given as we’ve already discussed.

Moving on…

Level Cap of 85:  The question is this:  Blizzard wants to release their WoW expansions more frequently.  So how could they pull this off?  More use of phasing?  Fewer zones?  The answers all revolved around one central concept, “Same quality, but less quantity.”  Dropping the level cap from a speculated 90 down to 85 makes perfect sense for accomplishing this.  In fact, because of the 85 level cap I am standing by my guess that the next expansion will be out by May of 2010.  I may be off a little, but hey, I calculated that guess over a year and a half ago before Lich King Alpha had even started, so cut me some slack. 😉

New Classes:  This was inevitable.  We saw it coming  with the next chapter of the “An Injured Colleague” in patch 3.2.2 currently on the PTR.  More specficaly, what we saw were a hints regarding Night Elf mages and something going on with the Horde Druids.

What came out of left field in Boubouille’s post was the sheer amount of new class/race combos.  Granted some of it doesn’t make sense.  But ironically, what doesn’t make sense the most is already in the game.  The Night Elf mage is labeled as a “Highborne”.  But we already know the Highborne; they’re the High Elves and Blood Elves.  They began living during the day to shun their Night Elf roots, which in turn changes their coloring and height.  You can almost smell the incoming retcon.

As for the others, lore wise, it makes sense that with everyone intermingling eventually some Dwarf is going to ask a gnome mage, “Mind showing me how you do that?”

Troll Druids have been especially controversial, but let’s face it, they already are shapeshifters.  Their technique may be different, but they’re already intimate with the concept.  The problem then rests with the question, “How?”  How are the trolls now able to be druids?  Hamuul Runetotem is now willing to teach them?  That makes sense.  Remember, Hamuul himself is the product of an ArchDruid (Malfurion himself) being willing to teach another race the art of Druidism.

Tauren Priests/Paladin’s struck me as odd when I read that in Boubouille’s post.  But then remembered Tauren are already established as being a group open to multiple religions.  Don’t forget that up until now, they were the only race who practiced both Shamanism and Druidism, the idea that a few of them would be interested in exploring the light makes sense.  The only question then is, “What is their conduit?  Who’s teaching them?”  The obviously answer is, “The Blood Elves” but that also seems strange.

New Races:  A leak is a leak, and I think those first two Halloween masks told us what was coming.  That female ogre within the second set of masks was hastily ripped out of a WoW rpg book, which screams panicked cover-up.  Worgen and Goblins, here we come.

As for the bombshell…

We now have two druid races within the Horde, and only one within the Alliance.

However, they have not yet announced what classes the two new races will be.

Remember when I pointed out that the trolls were already known shape-shifters?  Now… See where I’m going?

You heard it here first.

It makes me wonder if they’ll retain “Lion” or let them have “Worg”, but with the same abilities.

So there you have it.  Another druid race I think so.  The game mechanics dictate it.  Lore-wise, I confess, it does feel strange.

As for those outright complaining though, here’s where I get snarky…

If you’re a female Night Elf druid and you’re complaining about disrespecting druid lore, go sit in the corner.

Classic Azeroth Revamp:  The question I was going to pose was this…  If Maelstrom is the next expansion then that means after this we’re pretty much done with Azeroth.  Next up it’ll probably be Emerald Dream and then off to fight the Burning Legion.  If Blizzard doesn’t revamp classic Azeroth now, then when?  My guess was we would finally see flying, which would mean opening zones such as Hyjal (and Gilneas, but we already knew that).

I also was going to speculate that now would also be the time to open up any unused instances within Azeroth, namely Grim Batol and Uldum.  In fact, I’d place a double bet on Grim Batol.  For those of you who don’t know, Grim Batol is now the home of Deathwing.  As has been mentioned before, Deathwing can’t be that much more powerful than Malygos.  With Malygos defeated at 80, Deathwing can only be on the horizon.

Obviously Azshara’s involvement is no revelation, nor is the idea that there’s an Old God  there with her.

Now, if there’s one thing that hit me completely out of left field it’s the “Thrall as the Guardian” concept.  There’s already a character in the comics who seemed destined for this roll.  His name is Medan.  He’s the son of Medivh and Garona.  Since everything else in Boubouille’s post is correct though, I’m willing to take this one on faith.

As for the lore, obviously the most controversial revelation is the death of Cairne.  My general question was this: “When the heck are we going to get some Tauren lore?”  WoW’s history with Tauren lore is strange.  It was set up with Magatha in Vanilla WoW then pretty much forgotten.  (Much like the Morrowgrain quest chain, which I imagine will be picked up again in Emerald Dream.)

Cairne dying makes sense.  Obviously the charges of “Traitor” would be something trumped up by Garrosh.

My personal fanboy hope was that Magatha Grimtotem would finally make her move.  The Grimtotem would try to take out Cairne and seize Thunder Bluff.  The climax would be Hamuul wailing on Magatha like a hurricane as it turns out he was the one charged with watching her.  Consider this… Magatha is arguably the most powerful Shaman in Thunder Bluff… so why is she not on Spirit Rise?  Why is she over on Elder Rise with the Druids?  My guess is that Cairne wanted her somewhere where she’d be under someone’s watch, namely Hamuul (Cairne’s oldest and most trusted friend).

Back to the matter at hand though.  Only Wrynn and Cairne have established sons in the game, so they are the ones most easily lifted out (watch out, Wrynn).  Something big needs to happen as a catalyst to bring the Tauren lore back up to snuff.  I was going to speculate that it was the Grimtotems finally attacking.  Cairne Bloodhoof being killed by Garrosh is even better.  (That being said, I will personally /cheer any Alliance  I see killing Garrosh.)

To take this all one step further, with the new Tauren lore in mind, I have to ask… will Garrosh find he likes the Grimtotems?

So there you have it.  As far as I’m concerned the game mechanics, and especially the lore bakc up everything Boubouille has posted.  Yes, a chunk of it came from the SomethingAwful forums… So what?  Yes, they love pranks, but consider this: if you had to make a list of internet groups who would love nothing more than to spoil the next WoW Expansion right before BlizzCon, who would top that list?

I rest my case.

Boubouille’s post is fact, and Loregy stands by him completely.

Are we wrong?  We’ll know Friday.

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1 Geforce August - 2009 at 1:29 am

In the last few days I started thinking on how they did all the changes with belfs and draenei for TBC and hell it was far worse then what they will be changing now imo..

Trolls have Loa’s for their shapeshifting so would be sad if they would share the forms that the tauren currently have.

I’m also hoping to see Cho’gall? around somewhere in the upcoming expansion as he is fused with C’thun wonder what he’s actually up to?(Hmm Revamping Aq40 perhaps?)

2 Shadowfang August - 2009 at 1:43 am

Yay for Boubouille support! I trust the guy, he holds a very very solid tract record and I’m not about to disagree with him now. The rumors of the next expansion make a lot of sense and are not outside of the scope of something Blizzard would pull off.

3 Darmowe szablony na zaplecze August - 2009 at 2:00 am

damn, you was first. I was hope that I’m first to calculate May 2010 as expansion date 🙂

I’d posted some video ( fake itself) and made a long long description with all the hints I could imagine. link:

I had also one question. So, flying on Azeroth, to South Seas? Form of this expansion is too small to open all South Seas content. Or maybe I;m wrong. Maybe South Seas are much smaller then Outland or Northend was, so Blizz can’t make a 10-level expansion based just on South Seas?

4 Dion (Earthen Ring - EU) August - 2009 at 1:49 am

My GM source has been refusing to share too much info before Blizzcon but has said the following:

#1 No new races in this xpack. They considered adding Worgen as a Human racial or new Druid form. The racial would have worked like the human villagers at Shadowfang Keep, and taken effect when night falls ingame. It was deemed too powerfull for rogues.

#2 Carpentry as new profression. No new seperate gathering profression would be needed. It would use need some jewelcrafting in its recipes and prolly some metals too for say arrowheads.

#3 Hero Class: two were being considered straight up to Blizzcon. The “Cleric” & the “Swashbuckler”. The cleric would be a clothie hot healer like tree druids with a 2nd summoning tree (for healing through treant-like creatures) and a 3rd mage-like holy magic dps tree. Source has refused to say which they have decided on to go with other than saying: “get both leather & cloth heirlooms”.

#4 The cataclysm of the old world is 100% true. Around lv 65 people get to choose to enter the new phased azeroth. At lv 80 you automatically are thrown in the updated world. Players remain able to create new Deatknights thanks to this.

#5 Source has refused to comment on the new race/class combinations.

#6 The old Tier 1 & 2 graphics will NOT be re-used. Unless for things they do before the new xpack aka Onyxia.

Take this leak with a grain of salt. I am NOT responsible if this info turns out to be wrong or imcomplete. Do and think what you want over these “gm quotes”. I am just sharing what I was told with fellow players.

This is not a troll post, or anything similiar…

5 Dion (Earthen Ring - EU) August - 2009 at 1:50 am

#6 Thousand Needles will flood during the cataclysm and be under water in the new world.

6 CootieB August - 2009 at 8:12 am

It appears that a lot of the information from the “leak” was accurate. It also appears that the Loregy team was very accurate with their knowlege of lore and information at hand to have guessed the new playable classes and the information about the land and unused areas for new raids and instances. Well Done!

It was not a huge surprise when I read about the update from Blizz with the new expansion, the playable races, and what will be going on, I had already read a lot of it on Loregy a while back. It appears like a great expansion though with a lot of huge changes to come, and I cannot wait for the release, and the events building up to the release.

Thanks Loregy!

7 JConant June - 2010 at 2:23 pm

I just wanted to make a post here to clarify a few things.

New race/class combos:
Allowing nightelves to be mages is certainly not a retconn. The original highborne were the upper class of nightelves who practiced arcane magic. The ancestors of the highelves/bloodelves were night elf “highborne” that traveled over to azeroth; on their journey they lost the purple pigment in their skin. The highborne making a reappearance isn’t a stretch, as surely we can’t assume ALL highborne made the exodus. We know some reside in dire maul.
Troll druids? Your speculation is as good as any
Tauren “holy” classes- not only are teachers of the light available to Tauren to learn from (especially priests), certain druids open a the way to Tauren practicing the use of the light in a more feral sense. One particular druid poses the question “if druids are meant to maintain balance in nature, why do we rely solely on the powers of the moon goddess? Should we not use the power of the sun as well?”

new race: worgen
If you play through the vanilla WoW questlines. You know that the origins of the worgen in silverpine and duskwood were because of misuse of an artifact known as the “sythe of elune” Arugal learned to replicate the creation of worgen through it and the item was accidentally used to summon worgen into duskwood. Somehow Night elves have a strong affiliation with worgen; what exactly it is remains to be seen (and likely be part of the worgen intro questlines)

8 Nelf November - 2010 at 8:34 am

Garrosh didn’t kill Cairne, Magatha did, she poisoned the blade of Garrosh and when Garrosh striked Cairne died. Then Magatha Grimtotem attacked Thunderbluff. And blizzardcon even explained it. I bet this site is full of people who make up shit.

9 Cocles November - 2010 at 4:40 pm

There’ a lot of stuff made up here, but as long as it’s speculation you can back up with at least some sort of logic… hey, that’s half the fun.

I’ve actually had a number of people make comments to me in game along these lines:

Dude: What is up with your commenters and you?!
Me: You, eh, know that post is from 2008 right?
Dude: Uhm… hm.

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