Thrall and Jaina

Cycle of HatredI recently finished the book Cycle of Hatredby Keith R. A. DeCandido. It’s decent, and if you’re into books set in the Warcraft universe I’d definitely say give it a look. There’s one reason though in particular that I bring it up here. It pushes the Thrall/Jaina lore that has been lacking.

As some of the more regular readers of this site will remember, I’ve gone off in the past about Metzen hinting he’d toss out years of story-set up for some gimmicky, “Teehee, lets hook up the coolest male orc with the coolest female orc!” *Snore*

One other thing I want to mention here. This isn’t soap opera time. No one’s sitting here thinking, “Oh gosh, I really hope they work it out!” No. Not at all. I’m thinking story potential. You hook up Thrall and Jaina and you’ve got a catalyst that could shove the Warcraft lore in a countless number of interesting directions.

Think about it. What would happen if Thrall and Jaina were to wed? Would Theramore and Orgrimmar become allies? Would this in turn put Theramore and Stormwind on opposite sides? Imagine a Warcraft game where the playable humans are these citizens of Theramore. For the first time you’ve got orcs and humans in the same faction. That’s interesting.

The Forsaken are going to leave the Horde and likely take the Blood Elves with them. So what do we have left? Orcs, Trolls, Tauren… what if you also had humans? And those humans could be at war with the Eastern Kingdoms humans, because of it.

Seems reasonable. Stormwind is the most likely human kingdom to absolutely hate the orcs. Theramore, however, resides on the opposite end of the world right next to the orcs’ capital. Quite the contrast. For how long are these humans as a whole going to share the same world view regarding the orcs?

Lets push it further. What if something happened to Thrall? Killed or Incapacitated. Does that mean we now have a blonde haired, blue eyed woman as Warchief of the Horde? That could lead to some powerful storytelling. Would the rest of the horde support her? I personally think the tauren would. And if she and Thrall had already had a child then I think the trolls would too.

Which leads us back to Cycles of Hatred. The plot is interesting. And yes, Rexxar’s appearance is literally rehashed from Warcraft III. What’s great about the book though is we finally see some Thrall/Jaina dialogue. As of now they’re friends, but good friends. And the peripheral characters even note that they make a good team.

It’s nice to see these two finally being explored, and they to do it more. There’s just too much potential here for it to be ignored. The World of Warcraft expansions are all about pushing the lore forward, so let’s see more of it there.

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1 vivic April - 2009 at 10:11 am

any thaughts about what happened in the game for that quest in undercity , will jaina break off from the ali’s main forces refuseingto help serve the king in thralls killing, or will we the ali and horde find out something more about the king of storm wind and kill him yet instead

2 Matt April - 2009 at 9:11 am

Honestly, I don’t see any factions leaving their respective sides. I mean think about it, if the Forsaken and the Blood Elves actually left the Horde, then what would happen to the characters? Possibly, after WoW is done and they decide to continue with another game, then maybe they would split. I just honestly don’t see a reason for them to just up and leave. The High Apothecary situation has been dealt with, and I don’t even begin to understand where you got the idea of the Blood Elves leaving.

3 vivic April - 2009 at 10:43 am

i did’nt mention blood elfs. but bringing them up, in all the books i read, blood elfs arnt exactly horde, there more of there own fraction you cauld say.

as or the breaking off i didnt mean it like that. i ment, thrall and jiana are good friends.
she stoped the king from fighting him.
then in dalaran there was that issue with ulduar
where he said he was done with the horde, if the ali and horde start another war between them, would jiana the ruler of theremore, take place in the war or try to mind her own and not fight

4 Timo November - 2015 at 10:44 am

And we all know, the story and its potential was thrown away by Metzen because the Thrall/Jaina fans were too loud and he was annoyed by the interracial romance idea…up to thepoint he denied it entirely and made Thrall Green Jesus and Jaina a revenging fury, not even hestitating to kill Thrall. Due to the Theramore events of course. Which was a horrible decision by the authors, story- and fan-love wise.

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