The Next Lich King

ArthasSo a few hours ago posted an article speculating who the next “Lich King” would be.

We’ve asked this question ourselves, and even hinted our thoughts, but we’ve never actually given an answer.

As it currently stands, the “Lich King” is entirely Arthas with the Ner’zhul half either dead or completely dominated by Arthas.

Suffice to say, we believe Ner’zhul still exists and will be freed when the Arthas half of the “Lich King” is killed.

So the heart of the question is, “Who will Ner’zhul pick next?”

The article on WorldofRaids discusses who Ner’zhul could target next.

What surprised us about the WorldofRaids article, was neither of our two picks made their list.

WorldofRaids suggests characters such as Tirion Fordring, Saurfang, or even Muradin Bronzebeard could be next.

None of these, however, just feel… right.  Nor do any of their other suggestions.

Look at Arthas, the original host.  He was ambitious and ruthless to a fault.  But, most importantly, he believed to his core that no matter how his actions may appear to others, they were always what was best for his people (regardless of whether or not his closest allies agree with him).

This infallible, selfless self-confidence is the key element to look for.

So who fits the bill?

That’s easy.

Garrosh, and Varian Wrynn.

This is not meant as criticism either of these great, controversial characters.  Love or hate them, the simple fact is that both Garrosh and Varian Wrynn unquestioningly believe that what they do is what’s best for their people.  In this way, they are both incredibly similar to Arthas.

This is why we believe one of these two will be the next Lich King.

So which one?

Varian Wrynn.  And we have a practical reason for believing this.

Ner’zhul is/was an orc.  If Garrosh were to become the next Lich King, then the “Lich King” would simply be two orcs.  He’d be an entirely Horde villain.

With Varian Wrynn as the next Lich King, then the “Lich King” continues to be a boss straddling both factions, which is much more immersive for *all* players.

So there it is, Varian Wrynn: The Next Lich King.

And at the very least, we know he’ll look good in the armor.

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1 el Greco October - 2009 at 3:37 pm

Hmmm… very interesting thoughts but I find it incredibly hard to believe that Warcraft will gain a new Lich King right after the other any time soon…

2 Brent October - 2009 at 7:39 pm

To counteract the reasoning for Varian Wrynn:

a) Wrynn just got back from oblivion. He knows the history of Arthas and he knows that becoming the Lich King, if Arthas couldn’t maintain his grip on humanity, then Wrynn couldn’t. He’s headstrong and stubborn, but he’s not stupid.

b) Ner’zhul may not ‘be’ the Lich King host any more. Arthas has dominated him so much that the concept of “The Lich King has an Orc and a Human” is probably irrelevant, and its now just “The Lich King is a human”. Sargeras probably doesn’t even care any more. So Garrosh taking over will signal an equilibrium. The Alliance (in WC3) lost one of their great up and coming leaders to the sway of the Lich King. As a follow on it might be likely that the first act of Garrosh, an up and coming leader of the Horde, as the Lich King is to kill Saurfang, repeating Arthas’s great betrayal of the person who most stood in his way (his father), and clearing out the last of the ‘Old Guard’ of the Horde. Hopefully the part that is Garrosh won’t go after Thrall because despite their arguments they respect each other and are trusted friends.

But then, I’m not sure that either is really a good candidate, and instead WoW will take on both of them as the new faction leaders and allow the older characters to step into the background. By the time World of Warcraft is complete, I’d expect that all the great battles will have been fought, right up to Sargeras, and the Lich King’s death should be final, or at least eternally crippling. I don’t expect the Scourge to disappear in a flash, but I wouldn’t expect them to remain a major antagonist going into Cataclysm.

3 Betty October - 2009 at 9:16 pm

TBH i dont’ think they’ll actually tell us if someone else becomes the lich king, at least not right away. We may turn around and find his sword missing or given to a shady person who promptly dissapears themselves but I doubt they’ll reveal a new bad guy.

However I’m currently betting on either sylvanis or a dreadlord.

4 Thurokiir October - 2009 at 8:15 am

To be honest, Varian is incredibly dense and or stupid, he sends 14 of his finest against the Horde in the middle of The grand crusade instance just to prove a point, he cannot see past his own mistreatment and hatred of and from the orcs. He is that desperate and that stupid to try and take control of frostmorne to kill all orcs which will lead him straight to becoming the next lich king.

5 voluspa October - 2009 at 9:12 pm

An interesting twist to all this would be if a player could take on the role of the king. Similar to the AQ quest chain. One player is raised above all others & instead of receiving just a mount could maybe get certain abilities to then govern over the realm or at least the wrath part. Maybe I just miss some of archlord stuff or this could be a fun and creative twist to the game.

6 Thurokiir November - 2009 at 9:48 am

Well a lot of the lore just got data mined on MMO-Champ, gratz to Cocles for being nail on the head again!

7 tw November - 2009 at 6:44 am

why do you feel there will be a next Lich King?
i see no point in that. cataclysm/deathwing is the next chapter/storyline/plot of the next expansion. not “lich king 2?

8 Brent November - 2009 at 3:09 pm

I think i’m going to drop off the subscribe option before too many spoilers come in :-p

9 Gex December - 2009 at 12:53 pm

Now this is going to sound weird but if Arthas and Ner’zhul share such a close bond (you know same body and shiz) Perhaps Ner’zhul will die when Arthas dies. This is just my opinion.

10 awarlocksush December - 2009 at 9:51 pm

well i think reason why there should be a lichking after death of arthas is without a psychic superbeing able to control the whole scourge scattered all over azeroth , the scourge would run rampant and cause unmeasurable destruction. i feel like in Diablo 1 the warrior who kills Diablo takes the unthinkable burdain to cage the demon in his body and fight him and suffer for eternity. Some one so selfless and pure at heart to take this burdain for the living world , and do that purposefully, would be some one like Thrall. leaving the horde in hands of Garroh as new warchief, and fighting Nezherul in his body for ever so that the scourge could be kept at bay. it sounds perfect as per what bliz has done before in different games.Scourge would be neutral then as long as Thrall holds the hand over nezrul. That also releives thrall of his guilt of the orcs destruction of azeroth in the 2nd war.pls send comments on what you think about it irrespective of your love .hate of characters.

11 Someone January - 2010 at 10:56 pm

To the Garrosh becomming Lich king comment. You hear the rumors that Cairne will die? perhaps that will have something to do with something.

12 Someone January - 2010 at 10:58 pm

also to the why do u think someone will become the next lich king comment. Sylvannis made it clear that there always has to be the next lich king as she said it blatenly in Halls of Reflection.

13 Illidan January - 2010 at 9:29 am

I think that Ner’Zhul will corrupt someone else than those two.. Someone who actually needs something so bad that he would do anything for it.. Arthas tryed to save his world not to destroy it, I think that Illidan may be a potential Lich King but hes already corrupted by Sargeras and if he becomes a Lich King… WHAT COULD KILL HIM EVER?? No.. Not even Chuck Norris could have the courage to poke him.. We would need a uber guy such the prince in Stormwind maybe or anyone else that is young! Anyway next Lich King is going to happen.. if it happen.. in really really long time.. so we better talk about the dragon aspect cos Malygos died Neltharion.. Is kinda dead and Deathwing (I know its the same but hes not evil) is GOING to die or to hide again like a little girl, Malygos died, Ysera is in Emrald Dream but there is a thing that is assauslting Emrald Dream.. Alexstraza or whoever is the red one is safe.. Nozdormu could be attacked by infinite agent or anything else.. So Only the reds one would be safe yet!!

14 Illidan January - 2010 at 9:30 am

Also Someone Cairne’s death isnt a rumor its a fact.. Baine will take the lead since its his son..

15 Panda Man January - 2010 at 2:57 pm

Well, as MMO champions has recnetly found out and brought up serveral times most likely the new lich king (or one to take his place) will be Highlord Bolavard. we can see that in 3.3 he is in fact still alive and i you look at the lore of the past the orignal lich king chose arthus beacuse he was his greatest death knight. in ICC the lich king says that bolivar will be one of his best and strongest. Bolivard fits in well since one, he is already being turned into one of the lich kings best death knights, two, he is already undead and to a point under his control, Three, Bolivar is by far one of the strongest human charcters in the game even up there with the faction leaders beacuse if you remember, for a time he was the big guy in stormwind. and finnaly, there was a image released in a patch reveling a image known as “lave man” who looks to have the aperance of arthus, if his face is to hard for you to make out look at his last armor set and notice the burnt peaces that match it. If anyone is a perfect fit it would be him.

16 Bairdos January - 2010 at 8:41 pm

Thanks to awarlocksush’s idea about the Scourge running rampart after the death of Arthas, I thought of a different perspective on the identity of the next Lich ‘King.’ What if the person is not a bad guy, like Arthas, but the someone who joins with Ner’zhul in order to control the Scourge and prevent destruction?

What noble soul would be able to give their life for the good of the world? My guess is Jaina Proudmoore. Perhaps watching her become the Lich Queen will break Thrall’s heart such that he resigns as leader of the Horde.

17 Atreyu108 February - 2010 at 12:09 am

Dude this game is dying, ive played Since Vannila and its the easiest fucking waste of time/money guys just wait for another mmo seriously do no waste your time.

They are just filling the game with the same crappy char monster models no effort just trying to get money.

And the lvling system still sucks, The Dungeon Finder was greatest thing in that game but did have a penalty if someone ditched out half way through a boss. Oooo lets stand in Dal and wait for random heroic or raid icc over and over and all the other newb boss’s

I sure hope Cataclysm is good I admit I will try it again onc then but thats it. Critisizeme all you want, the people who do are the people who dungeon find to 80 and dont even know how to use there class and dont know what or how fucking hard and challenging te game use to be. SO I sold my account 5500 Gearscore lock 4 70+’s 80 dj decked tank/dps and 80 rogue 480 hs only

Just some FYI dont pay into them and maybe BLIZZARD will get the hint and actually try and impress us for more than 5 days with more advanced combat style etc im tired

18 eathshit February - 2010 at 12:14 pm

I already knew it was getting Bolvar, I told my friends when we were at Illidan. I knew Arthas was gonna fall, and Bolvar took his place. I also suspected that he was getting deadly wounded, but not burned 😀
so after Wrathgate, every1 told me; he’s dead now, so somebody else than Fordragon is gonna be it. I still said it wasnt true, he was gonna take his place. And why I was so sure about it? because I knew Wrynn had to return, with Northrend and all, he was there, and Bolvar would lead attacks against the scourge(I knew since BC Wotlk was gonna be next, dont ask me how). and Illidans comment is right. some1 who needs it. Arthas was already picked before, but even though, hitten by the poison arrow of Sylvanas, and dying. he needed the helm to survive. and Bolvar, it confirmed when he ”died”’at Wrathgate. he needs the f*cking power of the helm to survive. did he realy did it because he is so pure, or also because he wouldnt die? I think both.

19 Tylandrus March - 2010 at 3:00 pm

Bolvar Foredragon…. because it is

20 Jordan September - 2010 at 3:18 am

Tirion was going to take up the mantle of the Lich King and suffer the burden, but as he was about to Bolvar appeared and told him that the burden is not his and that the living world could no longer comfort him. As he had the helm placed on him by Tirion he froze himself.

In my opinion Garrosh should’ve died and the Wrathgate not saurfang cos Garrosh is a WANKER!

21 Nelf November - 2010 at 8:00 am

Bolvar is going to be the next in line. Hes cunning and persistant. He lived through the flames of the life-binder, he has no meaning to live because his body is burned alive. So he will become the channel of the damned.

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