Queen Azshara – WoW’s Next Boss after Cataclysm?

With every major expansion in WoW we have had one headliner boss.  Sure, there have been cameos such as Kil’Jaeden, but ultimately only one who received top-billing.  The three so far have obviously been Illidan, Arthas, and now Deathwing.  So who will be next?

That’s simple:  Queen Azshara.  Period.  And here’s why…

We grew up in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.  We ventured into Outland and up into Northrend.  The Emerald Dream was shoved aside into a book.  Now we face WoW Vanilla 2.0.  For years I’ve been certain that WoW will have five expansions, and leaked documents that got associates of Blizzard fired have now backed me up.  We have two expansions left, which is perfect, because there are  two gaping holes still in WoW’s lore:

The Island Kingdoms, and the Burning Legion’s Home World.

The next expansion will be the Island Kingdom’s.  Some have tried to claim that since we’ve been to the Maelstrom we’re done with the oceans.  Not a chance.  Kul Tiras is blatantly missing.  As is the Tomb of Sargeras.  As is Zandalar.  WoW is shrinking their content from 10 levels to 5 for every expansion in order to come closer to their Holy Grail of one expansion every year (it’ll never happen).  The Island Kingdoms easily contain five levels of content.

As a side note, Blizzard could even introduce personal boats for players.  And before you role your eyes, keep in mind that “boats” were the major selling point of WarCraft 2.

So the headliner boss of the final expansion will be Sargeras.  We already know that.  So who does that leave us for The Island Kingdoms?  There’s only one person.  Queen Azshara.

This is where someone jumps up and yells, “Wait a minute!  Arthas was more powerful than Illidan, and Deathwing in turn was more powerful than Arthas– Are you honestly trying to tell us that some former high-elf queen of the Naga octopus woman is more powerful than Deathwing?!”  –Yes.  Yes I am.  Why?  You’re forgetting one other title Queen Azshara holds.  She is effectively the consort of Sargeras.  Even aside from that, don’t forget that Mannoroth himself feared her magic long before her power had been enhanced by either Sargeras or the Old Gods.

So now you see the pattern.  We will attack the consort of Sargeras in the next expansion, followed by Sargeras himself in the finale.  Let’s also not forget that somewhere down with Queen Azshara is the (now dormant) portal Broxigar went through during the War of the Ancients.  And where did this portal lead?  Straight to Sargeras’s home world.

The next expansion will be “The Island Kingdoms”, headlined by Queen Azshara.  Count on it.  I can hardly wait.

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1 Betty June - 2011 at 4:41 am

I was honestly expecting her to be more like Kil’jaeden / Halion as I didn’t think she was well enough known by the masses to be a full expansion. Although with good marketing leading up to the xpac it doesn’t really matter how well known she is currently, they have plenty of time to introduce her.

I’d expect more than just her in a xpac, still an old god or two floating around. Also would have been a nice tie in for emerald dream with the route the book took.

2 Cocles June - 2011 at 12:01 pm

I considered that myself. What finally pushed it over the line was, “What other major boss could follow the “Island Kingdoms” theme? Also, “What other major bosses are even still out there?” Can you think of any others besides Azshara and Sargeras? There’s Kil’Jaeden, but he seems more suited towards the fifth expansion. There’s also the possibility of a “Corrupted Nozdormu”, but that seems more in line with a mid expansion boss, perhaps the final raid we have within the Caverns of Time. We of coure have the remaining Old Gods, but they keep being relegated to mid-expansion. If it wasn’t Queen Azshara though, then yes, my second guess would be an Old God, but still… just doesn’t seem to fit. Blizzard has effectively had to “make up” each old Boss as they’ve gone along.

3 Perrin June - 2011 at 5:41 pm

We actually do have personal boats already, if you go to the Speedbarge in Thousand Needles. You get your own River Boat as part of the quest lines. But aside from that, why use a boat when you can fly? All they have to do is remove the Fatigue zones between areas.

4 Betty June - 2011 at 2:15 pm

Considering the whole rag/ony/nef thing there’s nothing stopping them bringing back a boss they’ve already used, but I wouldn’t expect that for end xpac. Azshara really does make the most sense out of everyone we currently know about.

Talking about old gods, I wonder if they’re planning on doing all of them.

5 Milan Sovilj June - 2011 at 9:35 pm

Cannot wait to see what happens at the blizzcon! This should be announced IMO

6 Pedersen July - 2011 at 3:44 pm

Queen Azshara, next superboss?

Pro – Giant figure in lore, Azshara was superpowerful already as a mortal. She has been lurking in the deeps for some time now, similar to Deathwing. She only needs one cinematic in order to be introduced to the average player.

Con – She has already appeared in-game, albeit with a Vashj model. That quest is quite undramatic and is not even featured to the majority of players. Only night elves and worgen know she exists. Azshara also lives in the Maelstrom, which is quite inaccessible. I don’t really see an underwater-expansion happening. One underwater zone was enough.

I do suspect that Blizzard might shove Azshara under the carpet like they did with the Emerald Dream. Then again, Azshara has little competition from other characters, so I don’t really see why she couldn’t feature as the villain in “Revenge/Return/Vengeance/etc of the Naga” in 2013.

A quick note, Azshara was never the consort of Sargeras. She just wanted to be, as she thought only he was worthy of her. To Sargeras, Azshara was a tool.

7 Auron August - 2011 at 2:30 am

The Emerald Dream was simply pushed into The Rift of Aln so when they had the power they could combat it at a time right for them its still very much on the table.

Their is still an old god N’zoth the one responsible for the Emerald Nightmare and he happens to be in the Maelstrom.

The Burning Legion also possess a host of worlds and who knows what else. Sure Argus could be a primary place but there are a lot of worlds demons inhabit and killing Sargeras won’t just put the Legion in its place odds are someone will run up to take the reins.

Other than that their is the void which could be a whole new thing.

Plus if you kill the Old Gods left on Azeroth the planet will collapse possibly having Titan intervention.

To add Azshara is not Sargeras’ consort as Pederson said.

Continued I think Mists of Pandaria is taking care of the islands. Either Azshara will work her magic with that or she will be one of those final expansion bosses like Halion and Kil’jaeden. Nozdormu’s corruptness is probably going to be a Caverns of Time add on as in a broken timeline he is the leader of the Infinite Flight. This all leaves huge room to work on.

8 Cocles August - 2011 at 4:20 am

You know your lore. Yes, there’s plenty of stuff, but I nonetheless think the things you’ve listed here will be used to flesh out the next two expansions and then Blizzard will call it a day.

I obviously disagree with you that Azshara will be a Halion type fight. It seems reasonable that “Mists of Pandaria” will involve Azshara rising part of her kingdom up out of the sea, and she’ll be the central boss.

I think you’re right regarding Nozdormu’s corruption being handled in a Caverns of Time instance.

And yes, it’ll be an all out crime if Blizzard doesn’t harvest that seed they planted when it mentioned that Azeroth would collapse if all its Old Gods were killed.


And now, a little rant.

(For those of you who know me in game, this is what you’ve been waiting for…)

I want all of you to go crack open a dictionary and look up what the word “effectively” means, because it seems a lot of you completely glaze over it whenever I use it. No– it’s not a filler word. It’s important.

When you say, “X is effectively Y”, you are acknowledging that X *IS NOT* Y. So when I say Azshara is *effectively* the consort of Sargeras I am acknowledging that she is NOT his consort. The problem here is that I’m over-simplifying. That’s my fault. I write for a living, which means I could get all freaky-deaky bore you tears Joseph Campbell when I start speculating. I make an effort not to do that, but in this instance it’s biting me in the rear. As you can probably guess, I’ve received a few emails.

When speculating lore, it’s useful to utilize Joseph Campbell style masks to figure out which characters can fill what roles, and what parts they may play later. In simple terms you could ask, “Who will play the bad guy? Who will play the good guy?”

Since I’m speculating that “Mists of Pandaria” will be followed by the expansion in which we defeat Sargeras, a logical question to ask is, “What do we have in the Lost Isles expansion that could provide us with a bridge to the 5th expansion’s story?” Obviously we have the dormant portal Brox stepped through, but what about an actual person? Does Sargeras have a mentor figure? A jester? Even a shape-shifter or former threshold-guardian? Not that I know of. However, for the sake of this type of speculation, and due to her history, Azshara could wear the mask of Sargeras’s feminine half. If you don’t get that “wearing the mask” and actually being his consort/wife/hump-buddy are two completely separate things, then we’re at an impasse.

As of now, Azshara is the strongest character connection I see to Sargeras within the Lost Isles expansion. This “connection” is that previously mentioned, feminine mask. Which is why, for the sake of speculating in this narrow window, we can treat Azshara as *effectively* his consort. Literally speaking, she wanted to be his consort about 10,000 years ago. That’s what we have.

All of that said, I still love your emails… Even when they drive me mad. 😉

9 Thurokiir August - 2011 at 8:11 am

Don’t forget that Azshara had such an inexorable hold on the highborne that they followed her to oblivion. She, through simply existing held half a race in thrall and they had no idea it was even happening. I agree with Azshara being ridiculously powerful/strong. I’m trying to remember her events from war of eternity and they’re fuzzy but I remember there were moments of immense veiled power.

If you want to make the eternal comparison of lore to wow strength though, her handmaiden Lady Vashj a woman that at best was a pitiful drop in the bucket in terms of magical potency compared to Azshara was a major boss in TBC. The scaling makes sense, and odds are in order for us to give a damn about killing Azshara we will likely have another portal opening event that makes all of the leader of the horde/alliance go “no. not allowed”.

For that to happen, I believe Queen Azshara will have to have some very strong friends. It fits and fits well. The rest is whatever, Nozdormu’s plot line will be tied up in the burning legions end. The old gods will return in force *how effing cool would it be to have them attack the burning legion?* and we will have a massive fight with them in the Azshara expansion.

Also Cocles you forgot one character: Xavius.

10 Thurokiir August - 2011 at 8:14 am

Sorry for the double post but Auron, we’re all alone. We stopped Algalon, there is no message back to the titans saying everything has hit the fan and the planet needs a reformat.

So a final massive battle with the old gods is not only likely. In terms of the lore it’s nigh lynchpin.

11 Perrin August - 2011 at 3:10 pm

The Vashj’ir questline does set a lot of the pointers towards Azshara up, in much the same way as Sartharion and Halion set us up for elements of Cataclysm. I fully agree that Azshara is the closest link we have to Sargeras, but aside from the Emerald Nightmare being re-opened and dealt with, there’s still one other source of lore that we can’t predict.

Developer imagination.

Given the timeframe of Blizzard’s Titan ‘casual social’ MMO, I don’t know if they’ll be happy to stop at 2 expansions, with the second approximately in 2014 (though they’re re-touting the ‘we’ll release every 18 months’ line again). Titan is predicted for release in 2013 and I think they’d want to be past the early teething problems before they cut the lines to WoW, which is what the release of the final expansion will signify.

12 Milan Sovilj August - 2011 at 7:57 pm

effectively:Actually but not officially or explicitly


13 Cocles August - 2011 at 8:11 pm

Not sure where you’re getting that definition, because it doesn’t match up with the one I’m looking at.

Might I suggest Merriam-Webster or Dictionary.com?

14 Milan Sovilj August - 2011 at 10:21 am

Oh! I got mine from that google built in dictionary, but it only had two of them. The reason I thought you used that form of effectively, was because we were never sure that she was officially his consort … She just sort of gave herself that title. Correct?

15 Cocles August - 2011 at 12:57 pm

Almost– we *know* she’s in no way officially his consort. All we know for fact is that she wanted to be his consort. In the specific situation I described in comment #8 though, she can be used to “wear that Joseph Campbell mask”.

16 HollisterrLS August - 2011 at 2:09 pm

personally I think Queen Azshara will be a heroic only boss just as Sinestra, consort to Deathwing was and is a heroic boss. Blizzard tries to make wow lore work in-game and i believe this is how they will do it.

17 Auron August - 2011 at 5:50 am

@ Thurokiir Since were speculating a lot I can say i’m sure The Titans geniuses that they are had more than one method on checking in on a planet,especially one that is host to malefic dark gods that could very well undo more than one planet of The Titans work hard on running. You can keep arguing this out easily but I too doubt Blizzard will end it in Ragnarok perhaps another one for the shelves. Though if you know lore Thurokiir, you know the world will die if the Old Gods die so clearly its either Intervention from -Titans- or you do not kill them all.

I do agree though, Azshara who else could it be?

So you do all that kill Azshara and an army of naga bla bla etc.

Now your at Sargeras you somehow manage to kill him I don’t know Kil’jaeden stages a coup and he’s weak?
(Unlikely of course). Then what you can’t slap on THE END.

Their is just too much going on unless N’zoth and the Old God’s fail then their super plans will no doubt do something HUGE beyond everything done yet.

I can’t say I am one to complain if they raise Atlantis that would be freaking amazing. Though for them to destroy their money maker in a minor few more years I don’t get it.

18 Perrin August - 2011 at 3:59 pm


I really hope not. To relegate Azshara, leader of the Naga, a race that everyone encounters time and time again while levelling, was a major player in zones of two different expansions (and Cata will probably see a Naga raid) to the same level as some daft dragon that no-one really knows much about nor really cares, would be a disservice.

Sinestra and the “Heroic Only” concept showed that if its a significant lore point, then no-one will notice if its hidden away so that only the top hardcore guilds (who usually are much less concerned with lore and more with purple pixels) will see her.

19 twh August - 2011 at 5:25 am

mists of panderia

20 Cocles August - 2011 at 6:13 am

Speaking of that, I’ve added a big update to my Pandaren speculation. You can check it out here:

21 yero August - 2011 at 9:42 pm

im agree with this post … only i got 1 tip … for a major boss … one forgetten … a very evil .. cunning one …. one who have “died” 2 times … maybe 3 after book … but still … he could be back .. and no doubt he is very very powerfull … im talking about xavius … lord xavius … xaviou was reshape by the power of sargeras and was said he was almoust equal in power to archimonde …. then .. in the book … we meet a xavius now with the powers of the old golds combined with his own powers …and sargeras powers .. we saw in malfurioms books .. a xavius ultra pawerfull that almoust destroyed not only the world but the dream … he captured ysera super easy …. he corrup powerfull deitys … only malfuriom could stop him using all his tremendous powers and tie to nature and emerald dream … and in the end … the book lets clear .. that the rif of aram … and a deep zone in the ocean .. are taint .. with the evil power of the old gods … so .. it could be a logical deduction .. that next expansion gonna touch the dream too … and maybe xavius … could be a mid expansion boss … … or even blizzard couls revive some evil servants … like captain varo then … but i honestly think that xavius deserve a place in wow …he is a very good villain … and to end this … about nozdormu like an evil boss … i dont think so … we have 5 specs …. and … we killed a mad malygos ….. we gonna kill a super evil deathwing .. so .. kill a 3 spec its like more of the same .. and cmon guys let the poor dragons alone heheheehehehe the are almoust extint .. and i liked alexstraza …. btw why krasus should have a more active role …..

22 Perrin August - 2011 at 9:51 pm

What is this… I don’t even…???

Lack of:
* capitalisation
* punctuation
* sentences
* coherent thoughts
* relevance
* sense

makes my head hurt.

23 yero August - 2011 at 10:02 pm

im sorry …. i wrotte from my BB and my english its still so so .. heheehe but im sure you got the idea heheheehe

24 Cocles August - 2011 at 11:14 pm

yero, where were you in World War II when we needed code talkers.

I’m admittedly a bit… bitter about all things Emerald Dream. Blizzard shoved it all into a book, and I figure that’s where it’ll stay. Lord Xavius included.

That said, even Blizzard can’t seem to make up their damn mind about the Emerald Dream. The book, which is supposed to be canon, has the Emerald Nightmare confined to the Rift of Aln. In game though, one of your first quests in Hyjal has you entering the Emerald Nightmare to pick up an important prisoner.

Hey Blizz, trying reading your own damn books before creating quests for your zones.

Hyjal still burns me up. Call me a dork, but I can’t think of Hyjal without feeling angry. They took the most lore heavy zone in the game, and handed it off to someone who obviously barely knew who Malfurion was.

Look, I’ll drop the QQ for a moment, and jump to the heart of this. And I mean this in all seriousness. Hyjal irritates me, because it shows that the creative development folks at Blizzard don’t care as much as they used to. I don’t know if it’s burn out. I don’t know if everyone with talent is now focused on Titan. What I do know is that they could have made Hyjal great. They’re Blizzard, they’re the best in the business, but they just couldn’t be bothered. It’s disappointing for us, embarrassing for them, and all in all, just a damn dirty shame.

25 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 8:05 pm

The worst part about this next xpac is that I dont think we will get the cool isalnds we wanted =/

26 Andy November - 2011 at 1:34 pm

Yea I’ve been waiting for a Queen Azshara appearance but doesn’t look like it yet. Pandas first! LOL

27 Cocles November - 2011 at 1:16 pm

When speculating on upcoming expansions, the question used to be, “How will the story play out?” Now the question is, “Well… we know how the story plays out. How will they divide it?”

So far we’ve been correct as far as Vanilla –> Outland –> Northrend –> Emerald Dream –> Maelstrom.

It’s the divisions and fine print that throws you. First, Emerald Dream is tossed into a book, complete with boss battles. Now we’re all sitting back wondering just how thin they’re going to slice up “Maelstrom”. When Cataclysm came out, we all thought, “Oh, they’re slicing it in two, since they decided to redo the Vanilla content.” Now it seems they’re slicing it in three.

Here’s the issue– How thin can we slice WarCraft’s content before it’s only benefitting Blizzard’s wallet at the cost of good story? Have we already breached this threshold? It’s really beginning to feel like they’re milking “Maelstrom” die and hurting the story by focussing on the micro.

Does Pandaria truly warrant its own full expansion. Do the fans really want this content that badly? Compared to Outland as a whole, or Northrend as a whole, Pandaria just seems to have much more shallow well to drink from when it comes to the lore.

Here’s a question though. Could this all be a minor ruse? Could Pandaria be taking a much further backseat in this expansion than we think? Could the primary focus of this expansion actually be the already mentioned ongoing war between the Horde and Alliance? That’d be a much deeper well to drink from.

Here’s hoping.

28 King Craze March - 2012 at 4:28 am

okay wait a minute we kill her then leaders Thrall and possibly Jaina say nooo dont enter the portal Titan turns up tells us that we must kill Sergeras and we do so our whole reason for Existance is completed the Titans of the Pantheon return and slay the old gods and BOOM goes Azeroth Good bye lvl 100 Hunter/Warlock/Rouge/Paladin ect. end of game Next game TITAN LETS GO! =)

29 King Craze March - 2012 at 4:29 am

Am i right?

30 Milan Sovilj March - 2012 at 4:57 am

I feel like if the titans did turn up that we would have to prove ourselves before they ask us to kill Sargeras

31 King Craze March - 2012 at 4:12 am

But i have read into this and the titans have seen us already defend ourslves 4 times against the Burning Legion in the War of the Ancients, The invasion of the Horde, The 3rd Invasion and the Burning Crusade each time we wound the Burning legion Severly and win in some main aspect.

32 Perrin March - 2012 at 11:00 pm

“I feel like if the titans did turn up that we would have to prove ourselves before they ask us to kill Sargeras”

Ulduar and Algalon anyone?

33 Timothy June - 2013 at 6:42 pm

Too bad you got thrown a curve ball so many years later. Blizzard tried to get its asian population back with Little panda’s and Kung Fu. Maybe the next one. Or she will be called into the final raid instance of the game.

34 Cocles June - 2013 at 6:54 pm

I’m afraid it’s only going to get worse. With Cataclysm, I began to get the sense that Blizzard was “stalling”, trying to stretch out the amount of expansions they can get from the lore. With Titan going back to the drawing board, this is only going to intensify. The original consensus was that we’d see a single expansion dealing with the island nations; now we have just pandaria receiving an expansion all to itself. I would expect more of this. Kul Tiras will receive it’s own expansion. As will Argus, I imagine.

I’ll be writing a whole post on this, but here’s the big point to take from this. Blizzard has already figured out the key “top of the line” chunks of lore they want to present within their expansions. What they’re going to need now then is to scrape the bottom of the barrel to fill in the spaces between those “top of the line” titles. So expect something weird. Then something awesome. Then something weird. Then something awesome. Cataclysm was “weird” insofar as going back to the 1 – 60 content, then throwing in a few disconnected lands for us to check out. Blizzard loves pandas, so consider Pandaria to be a “top of the line” title in Blizzard’s eyes. So what does that mean? Expect the next title to be “weird” again as they continue to try to stretch things out.

35 Luciferus August - 2013 at 8:15 am

Couldn’t agree more with your line of thought, all fits in. But of course, if some1 had told me 2 years ago that there would be pandas involved in the lore i wouldn’t bet on it and still they appeared.
Thing with Blizz is that they always have something unexpected but the only thing i hope that comes true is that the real action movie really brings a definitive finale to this great Adventure.
And i could put my hand in the fire when i say they know exactly what and how to do it to take back their former glory.

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