Darth Malgus – Will he return?

April 13, 2012
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[Warning: Spoilers Abound]  Darth Malgus is easily one of the most popular characters in SWTOR.  Heck, the Collectors Edition even came with a statue of him.  If you haven’t completed SWTOR’s 1.0 storyline, well, here’s what happens.  Darth Malgus tries to take over by declaring himself Emperor of a new Empire.  The storyline then forces […]

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Sith Purebloods – Why did they Disappear?

February 16, 2012
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It’s easily one of the greatest mysteries in Star Wars lore…”What happened to the Sith species?” This then begs the question, does SWTOR offer us any clues?  Yes.  It does.  But don’t get too excited.  The Sith were already “extinct” in Darth Bane’s era, so Lucasfilm still has a window of some 2500 years to […]

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A Question for my Readers: SWTOR?

November 30, 2011
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So I have a question for all of you… If you’ve been here awhile then you know Loregy is technically a site about game lore in general; I just happen to talk about WoW most of the time since I know that’s what you enjoy.  For the past few months though, I’ve been trying out […]

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