Chris Avellone needs to do a “Post Nuclear Apocalypse” MMORPG

Radioactive - Riskaka.comFor those of you who don’t know, Chris Avellone began as a level designer for Fallout 2, then would go on to be Co-Lead Designer for the original cancelled Fallout 3 (not the Elder Scrolls IV meets Fallout version currently in development).

So why does Chris matter? Why is he worth mentioning? Because he’s the one who published “The Fallout Bible“.

The guy knows post nuclear apocalypse lore.

So what we have are two simple facts:
Chris Avellone is a post nuclear apocalypse Lore Master.
No one yet has done a real “Post Nuclear Apocalypse” MMO.

A good MMO needs a great lead lore master. It’s the difference between WoW and one of those weird Korean MMO’s your friend played after getting kicked out of his guild. We’ve got the lore master, we’ve got the open niche in the market. Let’s see a “Post Nuclear Apocalypse” MMO.

And I should note that I’m not talking about a “Fallout MMO” (Chris isn’t involved with the franchise anyway). You don’t need “Fallout” to do a “Post Nuclear Apocalypse” MMO anymore than you need WoW to do a MMO about Orcs and Humans. High Fantasy MMO’s salute Tolkien, as much as Fallout salutes “Mad Max”, “A Canticle for Leibowitz”, David Brin’s “The Postman”, “Blade Runner”, and a countless multitude of other stories that take place in that setting. If anything I would prefer Chris Avellone to NOT do a “Fallout MMO”, because that would only restrain him. He has already proven his respect for the premise and his ability to find depth in its setting. I’m curious to see what he could pull off without having to curtail to what an established franchise would dictate.

Suffice to say, it’s unlikely we’ll see such a game come out tomorrow, or even the day after. Chris is currently busy on an Aliens RPG, and an expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights 2. But Obsidian Entertainment, where Chris is CCO, is a strong enough company to be another Blizzard. They have the Lore Master in house. They have an in house team capable of designing the mechanics. I’m curious to see what Chris and his partners could pull off.

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1 Jake C October - 2007 at 3:50 am

Yea, an MMO of a Post Nuclear Apocalyptic world would be awesome.

I loved Fallout 1&2, and I’m very sad that 3 is just gonna turn out to be TES: Fallout… Not that TES are bad games, far from it, but I loved Fallout for what it was…

Also, speaking of Obsidian, WTH happened to KotOR? They were pretty good games too, no word on a 3rd of them yet either, /sigh.

2 Cocles October - 2007 at 8:22 am

While Bioware made the first Kotor, and Obsidian made the second, both companies deny they’re working on a third.

Obviously either something is being worked on behind the scenes, or both companies are focusing on their own properties for now.

I strongly doubt Kotor has been abandoned as a franchise. The last two were just too profitable for that to happen.

From a lore standpoint, I’d like to see the third chapter stand out a little. Even if it were something as simple as the player this time being an alien slave who’s force sensitive.

Why do the majority of all Star Wars games force us to play a _human_ jedi? At least Galaxies doesn’t.

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