Eve Online Assasination

Eve Online LogoI stumbled upon this article the other day and remembered reading about this incident when it originally happened. Two years later and it’s still impressive.

Impressive not only that this could happen, but impressive that the game Eve Online has the infrastructure to support this kind of intrigue. You can check it out here.

It’s interesting that despite being the most popular MMO, I’ve never heard of anything happening on this level in WoW. One minor example would be this incident here where a player was laughed at by a guild when one of their members ninja looted an item he had been hoping would drop for ages. He waited for them to forget about him, applied to their guild, joined, then promptly ninja looted one of their raid bosses before jumping back to his original guild who was waiting for him.

What I like about the Eve Online incident is it gives the game it’s own player generated in game lore. It’s tough to get more immersive than that. Good stuff.

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1 Dangablad November - 2007 at 7:19 am

I must say, that is rather impressive. To have that kind of control is amazing.

I do remember the “digital plague” he was talking about. It happened on WoW, just as Zul’Gurub came out. Hakkar put a disease on all of the members of the raid during a fight. This disease would spread to other members of the raid at preset intervals, and then wind down doing a set amount of damage each second. It was found that if a hunter pet was dismissed while having the disease, said pet could be resummoned later with the disease still active.

This took place during the time when there was only one auction house, in either Ironforge or Orgrimmar depending on faction. Hunters with afflicted pets would enter the areas in front of the auction houses and summon their pets who were now digital versions of Typhoid Mary. While the amount of damage done to a level 60 character by this disease was negligible, it was devestating to the lower level population of the area.

Blizzard quickly fixed the bug, but it was still one of the best in-game bugs I had ever seen or heard of.

2 Cocles November - 2007 at 7:52 am

I remember that. What made it doubly bad was while the NPC’s could also catch the plague they couldn’t die from it.

Someone quickly got the idea to give it to the “greeter” NPC’s who welcome the level 1 players. Everyone joining the game for the first time that night would quickly die within seconds of logging in.

Good fun. 🙂

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