It’s proven fact that lore junkies are the smartest niche within any game.  And being the smartest group, they also therefore have the most spending cash.  Right?

If you’d like to advertise on a gaming website populated by readers who don’t have to ask for their mom’s credit card before they can buy your product, then Loregy is your salvation.  That’s right… salvation.

Please feel free to contact us at:

advertising [at] loregy [dot] com

Traffic reports are available by request.

We offer the following advertising opportunities:

1. Six 125 x 125 banners. With placement above the fold for best results.

– No looping or animation
– 8k size limit

2. One 468 x 60 top banner. When available, this placement at the top of the page is extremely effective.

3. Advertising within our RSS Feed.  Four rotating spots available.

All advertising is run through a click tracking URL and we can provide you with automated report straight to your inbox.

Rates for are currently:

  • $25 a month for 125 x 125 banners.
  • $75 a month for 468 x 60 top banner.
  • $10 a month for RSS feed ad.