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ulduarconceptI’m one of those guys who hates spoilers, yet for some reason game spoilers tend not to bother me.  I think it’s mostly, because you put so much weight on “experiencing it in game for the first time” only to have it wrecked by Ventrilo, the real world, and mostly your guildies yelling at you for hanging back to actually listen to/read the lore.

Spoilers let you learn the lore without being disturbed, so when you do actually experience it in game you can actually enjoy it, despite the twenty-four other people yelling in your headset.

So, World of Raids posted the sound files for Ulduar tonight, and I’m listening through them right now.

You can download them yourself here: El Linko Grande’

Now, let’s take a look!

Alright, from the top.  We’ve got four watchers, Thorim, Hodir, Freya and Mimiron.  Ulduar’s systems have detected that the four watchers have been corrupted by Yogg-Saron.  And just to add more fuel to the fire, when we killed Loken in the Halls of Lightning it set off all sorts of happy-fun alarms for the Titans that something was seriously, seriously wrong on Azeroth.

Now a guy (the real end boss of Ulduar) named Algalon the Observer is on his way to check things out and report back to the Titans.  If everything’s kosher he’ll leave and that’s that.  If there’s a problem though, he’s going to do what any of us would do when there’s a huge system crash.  He’s going to hit the restart button.  And yes that’s exactly what it sounds like.  Azeroth will be immediately wiped out, broken down to its base elements, and rebuilt from scratch.  Suffice to say, we need to stop this.  And so we confront the four corrupt watchers, defeat them (in hard mode), unlock the room where Algalon intends to transmit his message, and then beat the living hell out of him.

Alright, so onto the good ol’ nitty gritty’s.

The computer system in Ulduar (located in the Archivum) is your typical talking computer.  That being said, She does have the best line in the whole dungeon when she calculates the chance of Algalon requesting a restart to be, “99.99%  …that’s repeating, of course.”

Thorim’s dialogue is great, and YES, he does remember and acknowledge us helping him when we were questing in The Storm Peaks.

Mimiron has some of the most original boss dialogue I’ve heard in awhile, and yes, the robot he creates to kill us all is formed from several smaller vehicles and is called… “Vo7tron”.  If you don’t get it…. eh… you’re too young… or old.

The XT002 Deconstructor is without doubt the most… well… let’s just say you’ll probably wipe the very first time you pull him from the sheer “WTF?!?” factor of his dialogue.  I was personally laughing my ass off.

Yogg-Saron starts out the fight as a woman, probably in the form of Sif, Thorim’s wife.  He (it?) then changes into his true form.  The two most interesting talking points are when Yogg-Saron refers to Azeroth as “a miserable little seedling”.  The other is when he refers to a “King” who will not rule forever as only death is eternal.

Judging from his dialogue, Algalon the Observer is like Mr. Spock; he has no emotions.  Worse though, he has no empathy, which is why he’s able to do what he does.  Ultimately we mere mortals, of course, rock his world when we show him just how much we don’t want to die.  Couple that with how many millions upon millions of people Algalon’s already seen killed at the hands of Titans and you can imagine how much this shakes him to the core.

Upon defeating Algalon, Rhonin is the NPC you report to, who then sings your praises to the rest of Dalaran.

The new legendary weapon in Ulduar, “Val’anyr, Gavel of Ancient Kings”, is a hammer created by the Titans for the first Earthen King so he could give life to his brethren.

So is that it?  Hardly.  I saved the best stuff for last.

First thing I noticed when I downloaded the sounds files was a directory called “Neltharion”.  For those of you who don’t know, that’s Deathwing before he was corrupted.  There’s a also a directory for Malygos and Ysera.  It turns out it’s the dialogue that occurred when the Dragon/Demon Soul was created.

There’s also directory called “Garona” and another called “King Llane”.  The dialogue involves Garona advising King Llane during the events of Warcraft I.

Whether we actually SEE these scenes played out is anyone’s guest, but it looks like we’ll at least get to hear them.

A couple other directories are interesting.  One is called “Arthas Prisoner” and only contains some yells and someone screaming “I am not afraid of you!”  This may match with another directory called “Lich King” which has the Lich King complementing someone’s (probably our) resilience and saying “I will break you as I broke him.”

So there you go.  A veritable loregasm of spoilers.

See you in Ulduar.  I’ll be the one in the back, still reading what that NPC just said.

Update (March 10, 2009): Be sure to check out Balthesar’s comment below for additional spoilers and insight.

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1 John Evans March - 2009 at 8:33 pm

Mimiron is probably a reference to Mimir. I didn’t see that connection made in the WoW Wiki.

“The other is when he refers to a “King” who will not rule forever as only death is eternal.

But then, with strange aeons, even death may die…

2 Balthesar March - 2009 at 10:40 am


I have some insight as to those sound bites you mentioned at the end. All 3 are actually from the Yogg-Saron encounter. It seems that he will use the phasing technology during the fight, to show you his power. YS is showing that he’s been there, behind the scenes, controling and corrupting the path of history.

He shows he was involved in the creation of the Demon Soul, seems YS is the god that corrupted Deathwing. He shows he was controlling events behind warcraft 1. I’m not sure what event YS is reffering too about the prisoner and arthas. But these 3 events are supposedly part of the YS encounter itself.

Also, in case you were unaware, one of the major parts of the YS encounter is your sanity, keeping with his nature. There is a sanity meter in the form of a debuff that stacks to 100. over time the number slowly decreases. Different abilities YS has increases your stacks. If you reach 100 stacks you go insane and are permanently mind controlled.

3 Cocles March - 2009 at 1:04 pm

Very interesting. Thanks for the heads up!

One question this brings to mind… Did YS really then perform all of these acts of corruption on his own, or did he actually do it with his fellow Old Gods?

In other words, was YS single-handedly responsible for most of the Old God corruption we’ve seen so far while his brethren were all off focusing on the Maelstrom, Emerald Dream, and A, or… were the all working as a group?

If it’s the latter, if YS is the old god responsible for single-handedly corrupting Deathwing and so many other facets of Azeroth’s history, then he’s a much larger part of the lore than we currently realize.

4 vivic April - 2009 at 10:26 am

makes me think about the dragons , death wing goescrazy do to yg. maly goes crazy do to deathwing, maybe ys also helped in maly going crazy.

which makes me wounder about miss greens nightmares in the emarld dream. nozdormo curruption of his future self may also be to old gods?

which then makes me wounder why alexstraza gets to sit there unphazed

5 eid April - 2009 at 4:40 pm

alexstraza went insane in nexus cause of maly and would have stayed that presumably way if not for us as players.

6 Rasmond April - 2009 at 1:48 pm

“alexstraza went insane in nexus cause of maly and would have stayed that presumably way if not for us as players.”

That was Keristrasza……hard for me to keep them straight too :p

7 Fidel October - 2009 at 1:26 pm

Fryea’s quotes

The conservatory must be protected
Elders grant me your strenght
Childrens assist me
The swarm of the elements shall overtake you
Eonar your servant calls for your blessing

8 Ellen April - 2011 at 6:51 am

Tuodhcown! That’s a really cool way of putting it!

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