Nozdormu, the Infinites, and the Bronze Dragonflight



[September 2011 Update: With the boss Murozond (Nozdormu scrambled) showing up within the first of the new 5-mans included in the upcoming patch, it’s all but confirmed now that we were correct: Nozdormu is the leader of the Infinite Dragonflight.  But a new question arises.  It’s a simple question, but important.

“Why now?”

Why is Nozdormu so suddenly present within the Lore? In game, he just received his own model.  The brand new boss, Murozond?  What’s going on?  It’s simple:

Nozdormu’s corruption is directly connected with Deathwing’s death.

We already know Deathwing is going to die.  It will be the climax of Cataclysm.

That said, I believe there’s something much deeper… I  believe we’re about to learn that the Old Gods were required to focus their complete attention on Deathwing in order to maintain his corruption.  With Deathwing dead, the Old Gods will finally be free to corrupt someone else… and they will choose Nozdormu.

Why is that such big a big deal?  Because that means we’re about to lose our current, present day Nozdormu.  He’s about to fall.  Bleak.]

The Bronze Dragonflight, the Wardens of Time.

For those who have finished the Bronze Dragonflight quests in WoW’s Wrath of the Lich King, one question rises above all others:

Is Nozdormu leading the Infinite Dragonflight?

In a word, Yes.

But the real question we should be asking is, “When?”

Nozdormu is the Timeless One, the Lord of Time, and arguably the most powerful dragon on Azeroth (and that includes Deathwing).  Nozdormu’s power came from Aman’Thul himself, the High Father of the Titans and brother of Sargeras.

ammanthulWhen Nozdormu was given his task to guard Azeroth’s timelines, Aman’Thul included one simple yet ingenious safeguard.  Nozdormu was shown his own future demise to forever remind him that he is not all-powerful.

A fine line must be walked when it comes to storytelling and time travel.  One slight misstep could mean all the difference between pure, unadulterated awesome… and just pure cheesy.  When it comes to the Bronze Dragonflight, however, we’re given a bit of a “get out of jail free” card.  If you’re dealing with the Bronze Dragons and time isn’t involved then what’s the point?  It’s expected and therefore accepted.

So what does this all have to do with Nozdormu leading the Infinite Dragonflight?

Simple.  If the answer doesn’t involve time travel… then what’s the point?

We know that the Bronze Dragons find the Infinite Dragons eerily familiar.  We also know from our quests in Dragonblight that all evidence points to Nozdormu leading the Infinites.

So what’s the deal?

The Infinites are the Bronze Dragons from the future.  Corruption runs rampant in WoW, and here we have it again.   In the future, the Bronze Dragonflight will be corrupted and begin their quest to alter Azeroth’s timelines.  The Nozdormu leading the Infinite Dragonflight is the Nozdormu of the future.

So where is our own Nozdormu?  He is after all missing.

He’s in the future, fighting his corrupted, Infinite self.  Nozdormu knows who he is, he knows what he becomes, and he therefore knows he’s the one destined to stop himself.

I think the whole “Nozdormu being shown his own demise…” event is only part of the story.  I strongly suspect that when Nozdormu was given his powers, his first task was to go to the future and actually actively assist with his own demise.  Further, imagine if when he got there, there were several other incarnations of himself also assisting.

The fate of Inifinite Nozdormu is to die at the hands of young Nozdormu, Present Day Nozdormu, and god only knows how many more.  The bronze dragons have told us that Nozdormu is known to disappear for extended lengths of time.  This explains at least one of the places where he has been going (there’s also where he went during the War of the Ancients).

Now this all begs the question, “Where do we as players fit in?”

Obviously at some point we’ll be sent to kill Infinite Nozdormu as a raid boss with all of the other Nozdormus helping out.  Will it be in WotLK?  Could be, since this is the expansion where we actually learned there is an infinite Nozdormu.  If it’s not this expansion then it would have be a future one that includes some sort of dragon theme.  This is why I don’t think it’ll be Maelstrom.  Emerald Dream is possible since Nozdormu was the one who granted the Night Elves their immortality.  The final expansion is also possible, since that one will obviously be about tieing up most of WoW’s loose ends.

All I  personally hope is that in killing Infinite Nozdormu we free our present day Nozdormu up so he can finally take a first-hand role in WoW’s lore.  Having Nozdormu present when we kill Deathwing would be amazing.  Brother on brother fights make for amazing storytelling.  And the fact that they’re dragons is icing on the cake.

Update: The following was stated at the BlizzCon 2010 Lore Panel…

Is there going to be anything in Cataclysm about CoT or the Bronze Dragonflight?
You can count on it. AND IT’S SO BADASS!

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1 Havoc September - 2009 at 5:13 pm

Man I just thought about Nozdormu for a bit and nerded out.

I think this ‘facing himself’ scenario fits perfectly. Aman’thul showed Nozdormu when and how he will die to prevent him from abusing his power. But if you showed someone when and who was going to kill them, wouldn’t that make them even more inclined to avoid their fate? He would use his power to get rid of his perpetrator, right?

Well, what if what he saw was himself killing… himself? How could be possibly prevent that?

So here’s how it goes down. Centuries pass. Nozdormu is nearing the end of his ropes. He goes mad despite knowing this is exactly how it’s going to end. Since he can’t just go back and kill himself, he sends his Infinite Dragonflight (Bronze dragons in the future) to randomly alter time trying to completely shift Azeroth’s time line to save himself. This explains why the Infinite Dragonflight aren’t just targeting a specific being.

Our present day Nozdormu travels into the future to face his future counterpart, knowing this is what he must do from what Aman’thul showed him.

2 Lycanthro October - 2009 at 6:24 am

Ancient post but you just got some traffic from and I really like this topic.

If this is the case then Nozdormu goes insane long after killing himself. His younger selves will kill Infinite Nozdormu and then after the years and years the younger self who killed him grows old and loses his mind.. Starting the circle all over again.

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