Mists of Pandaria Lore

I’ll be updating this post as we learn more Mists of Pandaria lore, but for now, there are a few things we can surmise.

First and foremost, Blizzard is obviously further sub-dividing the originally expected “Maelstrom” expansion.  This is a very big deal.  Why?  Simply put, it could mean we’ll have not five, but six expansions (as some of you have suspected).  Is this certain?  Hardly.  In fact, I discuss this more in the latest Future Expansions for WoW – Redux update.  Six expansions would bring us to a nice clean 100 level cap, but I’m not sure if that’s enough incentive.  Right now, the golden question is, “When the heck are we going to see Zandalar and Kul Tiras?!”

Will it be part of Mists of Pandaria as a patch?  Will they receive their own expansion (together or separately)?  Or will they be included with the expected, final expansion that ultimately takes us to Argus?  As I like to say, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Right after the opening ceremony, Chris Metzen was interviewed as part of the DirecTV broadcast.  In it, he mentioned that the overall story of WoW will be shifting down into fourth gear for Mists of Pandaria; in essence this would be the calm before the storm (a reprieve before getting back to the “mega war”).  He then went on to say that perhaps the Horde and Alliance were meant to discover Pandaria at this time.  What does that mean?  I’m betting the overall story arch of our Mists of Pandaria lore will be the Alliance and Horde finally coming to peace.  We’ll have several patches of escalating conflict and then finally a resolution allowing the Horde and Alliance to finally come to terms and form a unified front against Sargeras.

This is why, right now, I think we’ll still have only five expansions with Zandalar and Kul Tiras being part of the Argus expansion.  Why?  Conflict equals story.  It’d be counter-productive for Blizzard to end the Alliance/Horde war any earlier than they needed to.  Would they need to unify to take on Zandalar?  Maybe.  But that’s a lot less compelling.

So this leads to another question.  What about Queen Azshara?  Will we see her in Mists of Pandaria’s lore?  Perhaps, but if she shows up in this expansion she’ll probably be the boss who bridges us to the following expansion, similar to Kil’jaeden and Halion.  If not then she’ll certainly show up in the future due to her wannabe connection with Sargeras, her threat to the island nations, and because she controls the one dormant portal on Azeroth that we know leads to Argus.

As for the expansion itself, I’ve had a few readers ask for my opinion.

I’m excited about the new features and mechanics, but I’m a bit dubious when it comes to the lore.  Why?  Imagine if Burning Crusade had been entirely about the Elves and Quel’Thalas, or if Cataclysm was entirely about the Goblins and Kezan.  It could be great… but if elves or goblins weren’t your thing, you’d have a problem.  If Pandas aren’t you’re thing, will there be enough “other content” to keep your interest?  Blizzard really seems to really take it for granted that everyone loves Pandas as much as they do.  Personally, I think Pandas are cool, but even your favorite food can make you puke if someone shoves enough of it down your throat.  A lot of players in the forums are compaining about the pandas, but I think the fuel being thrown on the fire is the overall feeling that the expansion will be, “all Pandas all the time, because we’re Blizzard and we’re obsessed with them!”  I’m not saying that’s really the case, only that BlizzCon obviously gave a lot of people that impression.

My point?  I question whether focussing on one race is wise.  For now I’m witholding judgement… but I honestly hope it’ll be great.

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1 alteran1 October - 2011 at 12:29 pm

Actually, I think the Zandalari are going to be featured in the MoP expansion. Everyone seems to have missed it, since I haven’t seen it mentioned anywhere, but if you look closely at the north side of this Pandaria map outline http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2011/october/pp04.jpg there’s a small island I’m pretty sure is titled “Zandalari Isle.” So I think it’s pretty for certain we’ll be going there. Now whether that’s the actual location and size of the island, i’m not sure. It could be added onto the map much like Hawaii is with most USA maps.

And in the Lore and Story Q&A at blizzcon, Chris Metzen explicitly said they would be part of MoP:

“Q: I love trolls. They are awesome. They are the best race ever created in WoW in my opinion. You gave us the new heroics and they were great and fun to play. But will we ever see a return of the troll empires?
A: *Chris looks like he got the best idea ever just now* If the troll tribes could ever unite, look out world! We are going to continue the troll storyline in MoP. We will probably actuallize the Zandalari. They are not done yet and they are crazy. They are being driven by something just now.”

Maybe they’re invading the newly revealed pandaria, to steal whatever magic or artifacts the pandaren possess. Maybe they’ve been secretly at war with the Pandarens for millenia. I can’t wait to find out.

2 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 1:50 pm

Gameplay features seem great. The lore can be good but some of it has me on edge, and I know that they wont answer important questions.

3 Cocles October - 2011 at 1:52 pm

@Alteran1 NICE FIND.

Chris Metzen’s comments struck me as his typical, “Yes X is up to something; some day we’ll have to deal with that.” But the map… that’s fascinating. Zandalar has the troll capital of Zaldazar on it, and an enormous mountain on it (Mount Mugamba), so Zandalari Isle seems a bit small. That said, Blizzard had done stranger things lore-wise.

@Milan Agreed re: the questions. But I’m still hopeful.

4 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 2:01 pm

Don’t forget the Sha btw… They apparently only appear when there is negative energy. Imagine when tensions build up to the last expansion and we have our mega war then the Sha finally achieve like their full power and kill most of the soldiers. In the end I could see a final antagonist. Also they stated the Zandalari will have a role in this xpac (fun fun)

5 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 2:04 pm

I would be confused if that was the real Zandalari isle. Its strange that its sooo close. but hey we can now play the “Cataclysm card” for most questions.

6 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 2:34 pm

Was anyone else hoping that Rastakhan would be a good guy? He seemed somewhat cool. I really hope its Zul thats steering people down the wrong path

7 Cocles October - 2011 at 2:46 pm

Totally. I’m hoping it’s a Pope/King situation with Zul/Rastakhan and they’re at odds with each other.

8 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 3:33 pm

I am personally on Rasta’s side tbh. I mean the idea of a troll king that seeks the betterment of the troll race is great… Then again we have Vol’jin and he is cool enough.

9 Lowestofthekeys October - 2011 at 10:28 am

There is a possibility that the focus of this next expansion is because Blizzard is attempting to thin out lore to provide more content over a longer period of time. I don’t see the big wigs at Blizzard ever dialing down the content if it means they can make more money from this franchise. Then again, that would also mean they would push for this game to last a lot longer.

10 Cocles October - 2011 at 2:31 pm

You’re right. There’s definitely much of a “trying to milk it for all its worth” feel with this expansion.

11 Adolfo October - 2011 at 11:54 am

escuche varias cosas de esta expancion pero la que mas se dice es que

es para recuperar el mercado chino que se a perdido en el wotlk porque los habian censurado .
tambien dicen que es para dar mas vida al wow mas contenido .
tambien escuche que va a ser una expancion enfocada en el jugador casual .

mi opinion bueno yo esperaba algo mas que pandas, si hacian pandas deberian aver siquiera 3 clases de pandas
, maestro cervecero , elemental , y monje

12 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 3:51 pm

No creo que se está tratando de hacer que la gente de China para suscribir más. Darle un tiro no es tan malo.

13 Cocles October - 2011 at 6:20 pm

Just to provide everyone else with translations:

Adolfo said: I’ve heard several things about this expansion; one thing in particular I heard was that Blizzard hopes to retrieve the Chinese market they lost in WotLK, because that expansion had been censored. I’ve also heard they’re now trying to further extend WoW’s life by adding more content like this. Finally, I’ve also heard that this is going to be an expansion focused on the casual gamer.

My opinion? Well, I was expecting something more than pandas, or at least 3 kinds of pandas: Brewmaster, Elemental, and Monk

Milan Sovilj replied: I don’t think they’re trying to make more people sign up in China. Give it a shot; it’s not so bad.

14 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 3:44 pm

Anyone notice how the ulduar trailer was the type of thing that did in fact build up tension? They need more of those with ulduar. I mean I feel like wrath had more race tension than cataclysm. In cataclysm it was just like “Horde takes this” “Alliance burns that” But it wasnt really that emotional.

They need to do well with the expac cinematic. Not just pandas blizzard… please show the alliance and horde fighting.

15 Milan Sovilj October - 2011 at 3:35 pm

One good Idea for the MoP Cinematic was written on Mmo champ

The opening cinematic for MoP:

We fade in to show a beautiful world: the landscape green, lush. Serene, and peaceful. Native creatures scurry through the overgrowth, and ancient temples can be seen in the distance. In a corner there is a particularly large amount of activity: we zoom in and see it is a group of Pandaren. It is a party, for any or no reason: the alcohol flows, they dance and sing.

One Pandaren breaks away from the group: he has heard, or sensed something. He walks to the beach and pulls back a Palm tree leaf to see…

War. Off the shore in the distance are two gigantic armadas, speeding toward one another. The Alliance and the Horde.

We zoom in to the battleships: some of the Horde soldiers have jumped across to an alliance ship and a furious melee breaks out. Bloodshed and carnage surround us: cannon fire punctuates the air with a constant barrage. Stay cannonballs crash into the beaches of Pandaria: the Pandaren from earlier flees to warn his brethren.

Varian and Garrosh meet on the battlefield. They charge, weapons colliding, sparks flying:

And the title appears. ‘World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria’.

I would like that, but blizzard wants to be original so they will probably do their best to refrain from using stuff posted on the internet >.>

16 Gigi November - 2011 at 7:47 am

This is the thing though… I don’t believe there will be a cinematic even close to that until after the fall of Deathwing because there is the whole speculation regarding Thrall, what is his role in the world going to be after Deathwing? Is he going to remain trying to help heal the world? Is he going to return to the Horde? Is he going to be an aspect (This one I highly doubt….)?

Then there is the destruction of Theramore. I actually think this will be a part of the lead up into MoP. Why? What better catalyst to the demise of Garrosh (Baine would not stand for this considering how Jaina helped him, Vol’jin and Sylvanas would be quick to join with Baine considering their personal hatred with Garrosh, I am not sure how the other two leaders really think about Garrosh… I don’t think it has been explored) and the emergence of a new leader that will have to reunite the Horde while fighting a war with the Alliance that Garrosh started. I really think if Thrall does not come back to the Horde for whatever reason that Baine will actually take up the mantle of Warcheif….which I have been wondering why he didn’t get the job to begin with…. I mean obviously it makes a better compelling story to have a character so hated/loved be the leader but I really thought it should have been Baine from the beginning.

17 Milan Sovilj November - 2011 at 3:04 pm

I am not sure blizzard will do away with garrosh yet. Though I think they need to talk about Thrall some more. What will become of him?

18 Gigi November - 2011 at 5:58 pm

Oh it will be long and drawn out…. but it would make for a compelling story in game to be sent on several quest chains where it culminates in the overthrow of Garrosh and even him becoming a bad guy trying to take revenge on the Horde and Alliance would even be fun. But it won’t be quick… although they tend to surprise us by throwing things into books instead of putting them in game, so really who knows how it is going to happen.

19 Milan Sovilj November - 2011 at 6:19 pm

Hate when they throw things in a book and its not in game >.>

20 Cocles November - 2011 at 8:27 pm

I really need to write up a post about the logistics behind Garrosh. It’s obvious that something like this happened:

Metzen: We need to get the Horde and Alliance really fighting each other again.
Cdev: That’d be great, but it’d be tough to write that with Thrall in charge.
Metzen: Right, and I’m a self admitted Thrall fanboy. Here’s what what we need to do. Pull Thrall out of the conflict. Make him neutral character. Then replace Thrall with an over-zealous Horde leader who better matches Varian Wynn’s character type.
Cdev: That’d be Garrosh, but how the heck do we do that lore-wise? Cairne makes more sense as Thrall’s replacement, as does Saurfang. We’re going to need to come up with a series of explanations as to why Garrosh is the one to step in.
Metzen: We’ll have Golden do it up as a book. The explanations will be complicated, and that’ll give us more room to flesh it out.

Obviously I’m a huge proponent of keeping core lore within the game itself. We shouldn’t be required to read a book to simply understand what’s going on. What irritates me though… what really irritates me is when the game doesn’t reflect the core lore from the books. “Here, we’re going to require you to read this book if you wish to fully understand what’s going on. That said, we ourselves won’t bother to make sure it all matches up.” It’s sloppy. That’s what irritates me. There’s really no way to excuse it. It’s just bad game design.

As for the cinematic. I love the idea of it showing a real conflict between the Horde and Alliance. Keep in mind that with the exception of WotLK though, every cinematic has been a montage. I wonder if MoP’s cinematic will be a sequential series of shots introducing Pandaria coupled with a montage of the Horde and Alliance battling each other.

As for replacing Garrosh? Although Blizzard’s Achilles’ heal has become “story pay-offs” they tend to still be good with the macro pay-offs. They’ve planted way too many seeds with Thrall for him to not eventually throw Garrosh out of office. If you play through the Aggra elemental plane quest-line you’ll see that Thrall has been very consumed with what Garrosh has done with the Horde. And let’s not forget the whole SI:7 incident we see when you roll a goblin. I’m not sure if Thrall would take over again, but it’d be cool if they did. Perhaps the Horde, without Thrall or Garrosh, would be run by a council instead of a WarChief.

21 Milan Sovilj November - 2011 at 4:01 am

I always loved the Montage, and then the epic thing at the end. For example Illidian’s “You are not prepared,” or Deathwing attacking stormwind (sort of)

22 Gigi November - 2011 at 8:00 am

My only concern though for MoP, if things are going to be centered more on PvP then how is that going to work on unbalanced server? Right now the ratio is 8:1 Horde:Alliance on Mug’Thol. It’s pretty much impossible to get the pvp quests done in Outland. Even if you do roll Alliance to get, for example the towers in Hellfire blue so you can do the quest as Horde there will be ten people descending upon you. It’s very frustrating quest wise to accept ones that you simply can not complete because your server is pretty much all one faction. Even Tol Barad is ridiculous. Basically if you don’t queue up for it on Tuesday it’s just not worth doing as there will only be 5 people on each side the rest of the week, and normally it will just stay in whatever faction has it the rest of the week since that few people is difficult to take it with.

Sorry didn’t mean to rant like that but for servers similar to Mug’Thol – how is an expansion that is going to rely on pvp quests (from what we have been told and such) really going to fair? Will it be less fun for those of us that simply won’t get to experience the game like more balanced servers? Does it even matter? I have never really played on a more balanced server so I don’t know how Tol Barad is now, maybe it’s just a deserted as our server and that is more of an end game issue rather then a balance issue.

23 Milan Sovilj November - 2011 at 4:28 pm

I think by that they mean we will see quests where we have to kill the opposite faction. Remember in Howling Fjord the first couple of quest for horde? We got a chance to participate in a little war. I am sure they can work things out considering the Horde and alliance start in separate areas.

24 Cocles November - 2011 at 1:24 pm

I originally posted this in the Queen Azshara comments thread, but after posting it, I thought it might be better off here. Especially the part at the end…

When speculating on upcoming expansions, the question used to be, “How will the story play out?” Now the question is, “Well… we know how the story plays out. How will they divide it?”

So far we’ve been correct as far as Vanilla –> Outland –> Northrend –> Emerald Dream –> Maelstrom.

It’s the divisions and fine print that throws you. First, Emerald Dream is tossed into a book, complete with boss battles. Now we’re all sitting back wondering just how thin they’re going to slice up “Maelstrom”. When Cataclysm came out, we all thought, “Oh, they’re slicing it in two, since they decided to redo the Vanilla content.” Now it seems they’re slicing it in three.

Here’s the issue– How thin can we slice WarCraft’s content before it’s only benefitting Blizzard’s wallet at the cost of good story? Have we already breached this threshold? It’s really beginning to feel like they’re milking “Maelstrom” dry and hurting the story by focussing on the micro.

Does Pandaria truly warrant its own full expansion. Do the fans really want this content that badly? Compared to Outland as a whole, or Northrend as a whole, Pandaria just seems to have much more shallow well to drink from when it comes to the lore.

Here’s a question though. Could this all be a minor ruse? Could Pandaria be taking a much further backseat in this expansion than we think? Could the primary focus of this expansion actually be the already mentioned ongoing war between the Horde and Alliance? That’d be a much deeper well to drink from.

Here’s hoping.

25 Milan Sovilj November - 2011 at 4:36 am

I really feel like they will do something epic. Actually If you would like to check this out it is speculation about some of the old gods, and it ties it to Pandaria at the end.


26 Gigi November - 2011 at 9:11 am

I really think you need to look at what was being said then what wasn’t said. If the villain is war and we are going to a place where emotions like that physically manifest themselves into creatures then it’s either the world has to change or we are literally going to kill ourselves with our own bloodlust. The link above at wow insider really takes a look at that. I think we will be pleased at how this turns out. We could easily go after an old god or one of his high ranking minions in this one then go after Azshara the next expansion. If you think about it the ‘working’ together is tenuous at best this expansion. While the druids and shamans are united easily the rest of us? Not so much. I have a feeling we need each other in order to defeat the real big bads and we can’t do that until we defeat the notion of warring with each other.

I really think this will be a good expansion, and I am really excited for the stuff they are NOT talking about…. like what’s behind the Sha (I think that is the one that is the enemy of the pandarans.) and how does it manifest like that. I like this idea of not having a ‘person’ as the big bad but the idea of war. I think it is interesting and fresh approach and I am certainly glad (so far that is) that instead of one Maelstrom expansion with all these ideas smooshed into one that we are drawing it out and really letting us get into the meat of the issues.

On the flip side of that, i believe it will only work if they manage to put out expansion quicker. I feel like with this one it’s like ‘hurry up I just want to kill Deathwing and be done with it’ which I feel like I should be more excited about it then I am…. oh well hopefully the battle will be epic enough that I will enjoy raiding it every week.

27 Cocles November - 2011 at 1:31 pm

@Milan Interesting article. Thank you for posting it. Blizzard has been making “Azeroth is in itself special” type comments for awhile now. I always took it to mean that it was like Earth in the table top RPG “Rifts”. We learned for certain in WotLK that Azeroth has a ley line grid with nexuses. In Rifts, not only does the earth have a ley line grid, but on a universal level, the Earth itself is a major nexus on the Universe’s ley line grid. This is why it garners so much attention.

Anne Stickney’s theory is compelling though. It’s also compatible with my own theory, which would doubly explain what’s going on with Azeroth. It could however require some retcon, since up until now, Azeroth has been presented as just another random world Sargeras wanted to destroy… until he lost. What made Azeroth special up until now was its title as the only planet to ever defeat the Burning Legion (and it did that twice). That’s why Sargeras has been so obsessed with Azeroth. It’s the one black mark on his perfect record. For Anne’s theory to work, Blizzard will have to say, “OH– uh… Yes, Sargeras new about that the whole time. We just didn’t say anything.” Keep in mind though, there’s nothing to stop Blizzard from doing that, so Anne’s theory could definitely be true.

I’m more and more beginning to suspect that there’s a lot more to MoP than we’ve been told. Like Gigi said, the Sha seem to be the tip of an absolutely massive iceberg. Hopefully they are.

28 Milan Sovilj November - 2011 at 4:37 am

Oh of course there is going to be a ton more. I dont think they would be stupid enough to just give us a piss poor story. Especially with the loss of 800k subscribers. They need to get it together.

29 Mark November - 2011 at 10:32 pm

Gigi asked what’s behind the Sha.

Perhaps some clues: http://www.orcisharmyknife.com/2011/10/meet-new-races-of-pandariaespecially.html

The highlights: “Sha means Light…IN DEMONIC.
(Also known as Eredun, and also the language of the Draenei, since they and the Eredar were originally the same race.)

Shattrath, City of Light. Sha’tar, Born of Light. And now these monsters of negative energy, the Sha.

Now, Pandaria’s been isolated from the rest of Azeroth for thousands of years, way before the Draenei ever arrived, so it’s not like Velen took a jaunt out there and taught the Pandarens the language of his people.

But if it wasn’t Velen…

Who named these terrors? And why is someone on Pandaria speaking the language of demons? Did the Pandarens name them? And if so, why the HELL do they know that word? /paranoid

In closing, everyone’s assuming that Pandaria is this pristine, pure land full of harmony and tranquility. And while it’s true that the island has been untouched by war, how accurate is this assumption? I mean, the Mantids ARE going crazy for some unknown reason behind their wall, and there’s these freaky shadow monsters whose names are demonic in origin.”

My thoughts?: Perhaps the Sha are a tie-in to Sargeras. There may be a link there. This is almost entirely speculation, but when you consider that the Sha are manifestations of “negative energy,” would it be a leap to assume they’re a tool of Sargeras’? When I heard about MoP, my first reaction was that I’d never play the game again. But the more I read about it, the more intriguing and exciting this becomes.

30 Milan Sovilj November - 2011 at 11:45 am

Yeah the more you read about it the more you see the serious aspect of the game.

31 King Craze March - 2012 at 6:59 am

honestly i know Panderan were inWc3 FT but to me it was just you know a drunken kung fu panda to make things a little bit more funny now there making a whole new expansion honestly i had no main thoughts on panderans until i heard about MoP and i was a little concerned about how the whole aspect might work i did some research and it looks solid but for a expansion its just mainly to get a few more players from the Eastern Market and get some more storyline and hopefully Kul Tiras and Zandalar added to the game

32 Gigi March - 2012 at 7:47 am

If you haven’t already King you should read this interview. Chris Metzen has explicitly said that the pandaren story arc is self contained and I believe it will be over by the first or second patch.


And I love being right about Garrosh! It will be long and drawn out but he will be overthrown (in two years lol) which feels like such a looooong time away but this expansion has gone by relatively quickly. I don’t know if thats just my personal experience or because I have just had so much fun!

33 Gigi March - 2012 at 2:23 pm

Maybe this is grasping at straws or the most brilliant thing ever… ok maybe not brilliant but I was turning in a quest to Garrosh today and I noticed his eyes were all glowy… I never saw that before. So I decided to go see him in outland and see if he always had the glowy eyes or not.. and he didn’t in fact he looks VASTLY different. I know time has passed and he probably got a remodel when Cata came out but… seriously the difference is HUGE and it makes me wonder if he really has been corrupted.


34 Cocles March - 2012 at 2:33 pm

The eyes have been that way since the remodel. That said [spoiler], MMO-Champion’s latest post mentions that in MoP, Garrosh has been corrupted and is conducting experiments beneath Orgrimmar.

I can only imagine how Thrall would react to Garrosh falling in with the Burning Legion…. let alone Garrosh doing it while reining over the Horde. I’d love to see someone show Garrosh Durnholde Keep and explain, “See these ruins? Yeah… this is what happened the last time someone managed to really piss Thrall off.”

35 Gigi March - 2012 at 5:50 pm

I have to wonder how long he has been corrupted though, usually glowy eyes (outside of certain races) is a sign of corruption. Granted it’s not the blood red OR fel green eyes that we have seen so far but why would his eyes glow otherwise? Outside of corrupted orcs I have never seen one with glowing eyes. Could it be he started being corrupted around the time of Wolfheart? He was already talking about a city to rival Org in Ashenvale in it. Just from The Shattering to Wolfheart he was a different character – besides the obvious that it was written by different authors I would think that Blizzard gave them an idea about what they wanted from Garrosh in those books even it was just a vague idea.

36 Cocles March - 2012 at 9:44 pm

It’s possible, although don’t forget that it’s not unheard of for a non-corrupted orc’s eyes to glow if they’re enraged. We saw this with Saurfang the Younger when we originally met him in Nagrand. Granted though, I think his eyes started glowing red instead of yellow.

37 King Craze March - 2012 at 3:10 am

I know that mannoroth and magtherion are dead but i remember something from a post cocles made about how even if we destroy the source there are always who get away maybe garrosh is in league with the last of the pitlords and this may tie in with the return of some of the Legions members Queen Azshara and the portal to Argus but from what you guys have said this is just a hell of a big of an assumption

38 Cocles March - 2012 at 3:13 am

That could be interesting. What do you guys think Garrosh is doing in Ragefire Chasm?

39 Gigi March - 2012 at 4:22 am

@King I was already thinking a long those lines!

So I believe there will be a chain of corruption. First starting soon after the Shattering someone from the Reliquary will have found an artifact/tome. They will either be fully corrupted by it or just innocently believe they have stumbled across something that they believe would help their Warchief. I believe this is how the blood elves story will tie into it and this is the development that Metzen promised we would get. This would also make archeology maybe important and central to the game… like we stumble across pieces that point to the corruption and as we bring this information to light we find out that something isn’t right with the Warchief.

This artifact/tome will promise some sort of ultimate weapon that is controlled by wielder. In his head it would make sense to wield this weapon before the Alliance can get their hands on it. They will start working on summoning this power. I believe this will be the Old Gods/Sha behind this. On a side note I am totally in the boat that the Sha are manifestations of an Old God.

What we end up finding out is that this ultimate weapon that he is summoning will in fact destroy first the enemy then turn on us. But Garrosh is too deep at this point, he fully believes in this weapon and is willing to die for that belief. I think this is where the siege comes in. But I don’t think we kill him at that point. He will escape and in that escape will have hatred for the Horde, he will have followers that will believe in what he was doing and he will be propositioned by the Burning Legion who either in disguise or outright will come to him to offer him aid and revenge on those who allowed the Alliance to come after him like that. He will see it as an unforgivable transgression that ‘his’ people and fellow leaders allowed Varian to come into the city and overthrow him.

I believe this will also be the catalyst for the next expansion. That Queen Azshara will make her return at that point and in dealing with her it will lead us to Argus, defeating Sargeras and meeting the Titans.

All predictions aside I am very excited and now will not be faction changing my pally! I want to experience this from the Alliance side of things! 😀

40 Gigi March - 2012 at 4:28 am

@ Cocles – By the way for that to theory to work he would have to be enraged all the time… I don’t think that is the case. It’s just rather unnerving when you walk in and his eyes are glowing and no one else has those. I just have a feeling we are going to find out his corruption goes back further then MoP.

41 Milan Sovilj March - 2012 at 5:45 am

I think that some rather interesting stuff is happening in Ragefire and with Garrosh, but I think it would be best if Garrosh died an honorable death almost as large as his fathers. If you think about it Thrall set Garrosh up to be warchief as much as Thrall took Grom along to kill Magtheridon. Thrall pretty much got both hellscreams killed!

I think that Garrosh did have a decent story and deserves better than a simple death.

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