Malfurion in Wrath of the Lich King?

malfurionI’m sure it’s obnoxious that with all the leaks floating around about test server names and Halloween masks, the one  we keep prattling on about here at Loregy is the Malfurion novel that was announced a few months ago.

Sure it’s only a lore leak, but let’s face it… the lore told us years ago that expansion #3 would be either Maelstrom or Emerald Dream.  As we keep preaching to the “lorelol” crowd, it’s a fallacy to ignore this “lore dork” stuff when you want to answer the age old question, “What happens next?”

Well as was said earlier today, in patch 3.3 we’re going to kill Arthas.

But what about after that?  What happens next?

Remember, whereas Wrath of the Lich King has the Lich King, The Burning Crusade had Illidan.  And yet, what happened after Illidan was killed?  Was that it?  Did the expansion end?  You might already see where I’m going…  We, of course, had Sunwell Plateau.

So is that it?  Am I inferring that we’ll have another raid after Icecrown?  No.  I think we would have heard something by now.  Metzen and crew had been inferring for awhile that something big was coming after Illidan died, and that this “big something” would tie up all of The Burning Crusade’s loose ends.

So what then?  Well… what happened after Sunwell?  That’s right, the zombie infestation.  *That’s* what I’m referring to.  Not a literal zombie infestation, but a global world event that heralds in the next expansion.

When will this happen?  Next year, right before Maelstrom comes out.  And what else is happening right around that time?  You got it, the Malfurion novel is being released.

Consider this as well.  Malfurion Stormrage’s return to Azeroth’s lore is a big deal.  He is not just going to be someone you happen upon at the top of a temple in Maelstrom.  His return is an event, and this is the perfect place for it.

So there it is; I’m fairly certain that Wrath of Lich King’s global event heralding in the next expansion will centralize around Malfurion Stormrage returning from the Emerald Dream in some way or another.  And obviously, the reason he’s come back is to help Azeroth with whatever new “Cataclysm” it’s now facing.

So rejoice, we won’t have to wait until Maelstrom to see Malfurion.  He’s be showing up in the expansion we’re already playing.

And on a personal note, I must say… It’s about friggin’ time.

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1 Thurokiir August - 2009 at 10:19 am

100% agreed, coliseum is a loot train area, we relax get bored and fat off our loot til icecrown comes out and puts us on a starve diet.

Then, we look to the future and I’m really excited to even think about malf coming back in this expansion alone. Wouldn’t it be cool if the portals of the green dragons suddenly explode as invasion points from the nightmare?

2 wow-horda August - 2009 at 1:58 am

Still I don’t see how is Malfurion related to Maelstrom.

I agree that Emerald Dream will be WotLK Sunwell, but with green dragons invasion You’re wrong. There is more relation with dragons and Northrend than with dragons and Maelstrom. Something must happen, but I have no clue. What could force us to go to South Seas? Who could invade us? I can say it with only one word – naga.

3 wow-horda August - 2009 at 2:02 am

Emerald Dream = Nighmare. Malfurion was fighting Nightmare and won. But he finds, that something caused Nighmare and the reason is Sargeras?

4 Thurokiir August - 2009 at 11:16 am
5 Thurokiir August - 2009 at 11:26 am

Sorry for the double post, but Northrend has more to do with the Blue and red dragons. The black and bronze have been playing sideline lore and quest filler fluff.

The green have done nothing. Nothing at all…

You have quests going OMGWTF why isn’t Ysera answering alexstraza’s call to action?! and you’re straight assaulted by the green aspect, told to get out of the greens land in dragonblight. That said the others are slightly more sane than that of their ailing aspect.

Why is she ailing? The nightmare is winning.

The greens are far more concerned about their entire world and charge being totally desecrated and corrupted versus a mere lich infused death knight. It’s the equivalent of malygos seeing all the magic being wantonly used and going completely berserk.

So in the final patch *if we are correct about the emerald dream being the end game* There WILL be an immense amount of lore about the green dragons.

Though it will all hinge on when Malfurion returns to the world of Azeroth.

6 Beth January - 2011 at 5:29 pm

Not the main point of the post, but that picture is not of Malfurion. That’s Krasus; just bugged me.

7 Cocles January - 2011 at 3:25 am

@Beth, Are you sure? Both WoWWiki and now WoWpedia list that image as being Malfurion. It was originally used as a cover for one of the War of the Ancients books. Sure Krasus was in that story line, but he was always described as very lean at that time, almost gaunt if I remember.

Do you have anything that cites that picture as Krasus?

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