Future Lore: The Forsaken of World of Warcraft 2


“Alliance of Convenience”

Those words, spoken the very first time a Forsaken character logs on, tells us where the faction is going.

The moment the Forsaken no longer


their horde allies, they will break away. It’s as simple as that.

Throughout leveling up on the horde side we see the Forsaken preparing their “New plague”. At face value the “New Plague” appears to merely be a concoction that will affect the Scourge, but not the Forsaken.

A while back though, maybe even a couple years, I remember an employee at Blizzard mentioning on the forums that the Forsaken desired a plague that would effect all races except for themselves.

Looking around, this becomes obvious as the Forsaken are obviously seeking out the weaknesses within the physiology of all their fellow races.

When the Burning crusade came out, I read a number of Lore enthusiasts posts about how happy they were to see the Forsaken beginning to care for their fellow horde. The Forsaken had taken such an interest in the Fel Orcs! Hmm.

Do I think the Forsaken want an army of Fel Orcs? Not necessarily. Do I think they’re looking into it to discover a means to irreparably damage the orcish race if needed? Absolutely.

There’s also the small quest where horde watch the Forsaken gleefully poison and kill a female Tauren who came to them for help.

The Forsaken obviously already know what weaknesses humans have. Perhaps what works on humans will work fine on dwarves and gnomes too.

The Forsaken have also been at work studying the Night Elf barrow dens, even harming the slumbering druids within.

The WoW.com story “Unbroken” also reveals that it was a red mist that transformed a chunk of the Draenei population into Broken. Yet another chemical for the Forsaken to harness.

If you want a real nail in the coffin for the “Forsaken are about to cause problems” argument, check out the Horde questline “Nothing But the Truth”.

So what keeps the Forsaken in line? Well, they’re not done with their studies yet. And they’re still outnumbered. Although The Burning Crusade partially changed that.

The Blood Elves, unlike any other races on Azeroth, seem more as brethren to the Forsaken than mere allies. Obviously Sylvanus was one of them, but the Blood Elves also share the same fate as being forsaken themselves.

When the Forsaken leave the Horde, it is likely the Blood Elves would follow. Afterall… the Forsaken are primarily why the Blood Elves are part of the Horde in the first place.

Who else could go with them? That’s another post. But I think the likely future “Maelstrom” expansion could hold some of the answers when a new race is added. The 1-10 starting zone is already on the map, Gilneas, with Silverpine Forest serving as its 11-20 zone.

So there you go. The fact that the Forsaken will leave the Horde is no big mystery. The real question we should be asking is, “What will they leave in their wake?”

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1 Dangablad November - 2007 at 8:25 am

We could see this as early as WOTLK, or the expansion after. Arthas is a major boss in Lich King. What would the Forsaken do with the destruction of both the Lich King and the Scourge? How would Sylvanas act to fill that void, her revenge on Arthas complete?

Look for the Forsaken to take a much greater role in Lich King.

2 Cocles November - 2007 at 4:22 pm

Plausibly look to expanding the ranks of her own future faction.

Might make sense then for Maelstrom to be the expansion after Lich King, which I’m betting will feature the other race that’ll join the Blood elves and Forsaken.

3 Bald of Vashj October - 2008 at 4:50 am

Maybe its time they introduced the PANDAs 🙂

Tbh the Nagas could be brought in. Who knows? theres are loads of races in Warcraft!! I have a feeling Goblins could be making an appearance for the Horde though!

4 Cocles October - 2008 at 2:53 pm

Apparently the Chinese find the Pandaren to be offensive in some regard, so they’re not in the game.

Nagas? I would not be surprised if Gilneas turns out to be a starting zone for a horde Naga faction the Maelstrom expansion.

As for Goblins… I’d love to see them as a playable race for the Horde too.

One good point for the Naga and Goblins, they’re a very complete race. A lot of the armor, etc. has already been done up for them.

Here’s hoping.

5 L2Lore May - 2009 at 2:39 pm

This theory may no longer (sadly, in my opinion) hold as much promise as it originally did at the time of its writing. I believe that while the Forsaken initially showed much promise to become a new, and decidedly quite evil race/faction as a whole, Blizzard pulled away from this with the Battle for Undercity questline, which shows the most evil of the Forsaken that we’ve seen (the apothecaries) were under direct deomnic influence.

With the Varimathras threat being removed, we’re able to accept the Forsaken as a more sympathetic and Horde-oriented race. Remember the instanced version of Orgrimmar which saw so many Forsaken Refugees crying out for help and saying how awful the taking of Undercity was? Blizzard wants the player to always at least partially fill the shoes of a good guy in World of Warcraft, and they’ve said directly in blue posts that WotLK was shifting us back to a primary Horde vs Alliance conflict. A third faction is simply very unlikely. I personally believe in WoW 2, should it ever happen, we’ll see two factions with some switched around races responding to some great conflict, but even this may never happen.

6 Karine Stofko October - 2010 at 6:27 pm

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7 Cocles October - 2010 at 9:01 pm

Happy to oblige. 😉

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