Future Lore: The Dwarves of World of Warcraft 2

WoW - DwarfAs with the Night Elves, the Dwarves are also heading down the path to civil war. The reason lies in one, soon to be born, dwarf.

If one has done the quest “The Princess Saved?” on the Horde side, or “The Princess’s Surprise” on the Alliance side, then one already has an idea of what we’re talking about.

The only child of Magni Bronzebeard, King of Ironforge, Princess Moira, has been kidnapped by the Dark Iron Dwarves of Blackrock Mountain. When she is found, the adventurers believe she is under a charm spell as she fights along-side Emperor Dagran Thaurissan, ruler of the Dark Irons. When Dagran is killed, however, the truth is revealed; Moira was not under a charm spell, she fell in love with Dagran and now bears his child.

In less than a year then, a dwarf will be born who is the rightful heir by blood to both Blackrock Mountain and Ironforge.

It also appears that a this point the child will be raised in Blackrock and taught the ideals of his father’s people. Not only that, with Ragnaros and Nefarian both dead, the child will be without influence from the Molten Core and the Orcs will serve as much less a threat.

When the child comes of age and Magni dies will the dwarves of Ironforge accept Dark Iron rule? Maybe some… but certainly not all. Thus you will have war between the Dark Irons with their sympathizers versus those who will not accept rule under the grandson of Magni Bronzebeard.

Since it will take time for the child to come of age, it is unlikely this card will be played anytime soon in Warcraft’s lore, certainly not much in WoW. The dwarves’ lore for the time being seems to be taken up with their past more than their future, which is fine.

In the time between WoW and WoW2 however it is likely this will mark the point when the Dwarves go to war. So will the Dwarves be playable in WoW2? Of course! Like the Night Elves though, you’ll likely only be able to play one faction. With Ironforge under veritable siege though, my vote would be for the Dwarves of Aerie Peak.

The other question begging to be asked is in WoW2, which will be canon? Dagran being killed by the Dwarves of Ironforge, or Dagran being killed by the Horde?

The grandchild of Magni will already be going after Ironforge regardless, because it is rightfully his kingdom. But what if it were the Horde who killed Dagran (in their failed act of diplomacy)? Does this mean that once the Dark Irons take over Ironforge their next target will be the Horde, thus igniting the next world war?

Seems likely.

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1 Dangablad November - 2007 at 12:36 pm

As a proud Wildhammer dwarf, I vote yes to this idea.

2 Cocles November - 2007 at 5:35 pm

Glad you like it. I’ve always found the Wildhammer’s the most interesting and most unique (least Tolkiein) of the dwarves.

Not only that they’re the original Warcraft dwarves… how could one NOT want to play one?

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