Frostmourne, who has it now?

It was the sword of the Lich King, but where is it now?  At the end of Wrath of the Lich King, Frostmourne was shattered during the final battle with Arthas when Tirion Fordring struck the great runesword with the even greater Ashbringer.  After the battle, the shards of Frostmourne remained on the ground, seemingly forgotten.

According to Blizzard, the whereabouts of Frostmourne’s remains are currently unknown, which likely means Chris Metzen and his team haven’t fully decided yet.  But that won’t stop us from speculating where it will end up.

So…  Who has Frostmourne?  Well– who was there to take it?  Tirion Fordring, Muradin Bronzebeard, Varok Saurfang, and also King Varian Wrynn and Jaina Proudmoore.  Now, let’s whittle that down…

It’s safe to say Varok Saurfang was occupied at that point, tending to his son’s remains.  That leaves us with four people who likely have what is left of Frostmourne:

  • Tirion Fordring
  • King Varian Wrynn
  • Muradin Bronzebeard
  • Jaina Proudmoore

Tirion Fordring seems the most obvious as we physically witnessed him standing beside what was left of Frostmourne.  Plus, he was the one who shattered it in the first place.  It’s plausible that Tirion and the Argent Crusade now possess Frostmourne and are holding it to ensure its own corruption never spreads.  It’s also intriguing that beyond Tirion’s own faith in the Light, he may also be resistant to Frostmourne’s call simply because he flat out already possesses Ashbringer, a far superior weapon.  Frostmourne may as well be a beckoning toothpick compared to the weapon of Light Tirion already possesses.

I have to question whether King Varian Wrynn could have Frostmourne, since the only obvious way he could have access to it is if Jaina teleported him within the sword’s vicinity.  If King Wrynn did take Frostmourne for safe-keeping, then one has to wonder if King Wrynn’s tunnel vision towards defeating the Horde could blind him enough that he would inevitably decide to use it to defeat Garrosh.  Consider that… Garrosh and Varian squaring off, and Varian revealing his trump card… a reforged Frostmourne.  Suffice to say though, if King Wrynn has Frostmourne then Jaina probably knows about it.

If Muradin Bronzebeard has it, then he is likely only safe-guarding it so the more major characters are not tempted by its corruption.  If we ever know for certain that none of major characters know where Frostmourne is then point your fingers at Muradin.

Jaina Proudmoore… this one is the most intriguing.  What we need to understand about Jaina is she is effectively Arthas’s other half.  They were engaged at one point, and deeply in love.  Jaina was to ultimately be the Queen of Lordaeron.  As Arthas’s other half, she is also effectively the only part of Arthas that never died.  Would she feel it was her duty then to protect the world from whatever else remained of Arthas, and therefore be the one to have taken Frostmourne?  It’s possible she believed her outstanding knowledge of the Arcane could protect her from it.  Either way, the concept of a corrupted Jaina Proudmoore far down the road in WarCraft’s lore is definitely interesting.

So– we’re not here for musings; we’re here for a speculative answer.  Honestly it’s an educated guess, but I say Tirion Fordring has Ashbringer for one specific reason…. Bolvar Fordragon.  The shards of Frostmourne were scattered only a few yards from the Frozen Throne where Bolvar Fordragon now rests as the new Lich King.  Whoever claimed Frostmourne then would also know first hand of Bolvar’s true fate.  In “The Shattering”, I believe it is said that King Wrynn, and possibly Jaina both “heard” of Bolvar’s true fate from Tirion.  If they “heard” of it second-hand, then they were never there.  Muradin is still possible, but also unlikely.  We have no proof Muradin was there, and it’s just flat out not that interesting.

The one man we know for sure was there… and “alone”… was Tirion, and as the man most capable on Azeroth of resisting Frostmourne’s corruption, he is definitely the most likely to have not feared taking it for safe-keeping.  The one question I have then is, “Does the Argent Crusade know as well… or is Tirion carrying this vigil alone?”

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1 honorshammer May - 2011 at 5:24 am

When Tirion is revealed in Howling Fjord, he talks about how the burden of Ashbringer should have been his alone. Learning from that experience, I think he would have kept it a secret if he had Frostmourne. It also sets up a corruption of Fordring storyline for a later expansion.

But isn’t there another possibility? Could Bolvar have Frostmourne, for as Sylvanas told us in the Pit of Saron, “the Lich King is never without his blade.” Of course, we find out in Halls of Reflection that isn’t always true.

2 Cocles May - 2011 at 12:21 am

When we last see Bolvar, he’s sealing himself up in ice, presumably to go into the same type of hibernation Arthas was in for the past several years. If that weren’t the case, I would have added Bolvar to my list. As it is, I just don’t see him “thawing” himself out to quickly snag his sword before going back to sleep.

3 Kyle_Zero August - 2011 at 4:41 am

Its either Tirion or Jaina, likely to be tirion. but for now the fate of frostmourne is unknown to us, blizzard might not even know what to do with it yet, but i think if it is sealed, someone will steal it.

4 Waldo June - 2012 at 1:12 am

I do not think that Varian nor jaina have the shards. From a horde stand point they are not there. its garrosh and saurfang. So i dont think any Faction leader has it. However one important character was never mentioned. Darrion Mograine. I think that he has them and is planning something.

5 Cocles June - 2012 at 1:24 am

Oh, that’s interesting… that’s very, very interesting. Darrion Mograine. Hmm….

Yeah, if it’s not Tirion, then I’d turn my attention to Darrion. Good thinking. That makes a lot of sense.

6 Vandarp August - 2012 at 4:54 pm

these are all nice speculations but you forgot one group that was present at the citadel…….The Knights of the Ebon Blade…….. the death knights joined the argent dawn to get revenge on Arthas but they were by no means close allies, and they rejoined their respective factions for Darion feared in their time of weakness they would be crushed if not begged for mercy and for all one could know the death knights still have a wicked streak by nature any one of the Commanding Death Knights could be holding the blade even Darion himself could have it. Death Knights are damned to their form unless they are cut down in battle it only makes since that he would take it attempt to reforge it and steal the frozen throne from Bolvar Fordragon, as Darion was always showing his ambition to overthrow his master and take his position as he claimed Arthas to be weak.

7 3rdreichempire March - 2013 at 12:59 am

maybe it will be reforged, for the return of the king arthas

8 thatguy August - 2014 at 1:15 am

What about Kel’thuzad he said he would return with more power of course he may be in he spectral form but still he may have obtained them some how and dont forget he was Arthas’s most trusted advisor/lieutenant

9 Jacob November - 2014 at 11:57 am

You realize Sylvannas saw Bolvar frozen in the throne. She then tried to commit suicide, and after seeing what he’ll awaits for her, she planned to never go back there. She could have easily taken it for power.
Just saying.

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