Deathwing and the Emerald Dream


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We’ve talked about it at length on this site, with people taking sides on both views.  But, as I look at the lore, I have to admit the Dream seems to be more pressing than the Maelstrom.  If you think about it, the Maelstrom has been waiting for thousands of years, while at the same time, current events with the Dream have brought a certain evil in the world to the forefront.

One of the biggest reasons we haven’t discussed for the next expansion being Emerald Dream is the dragon lore.  Scourge lore aside, Wrath of the Lich King is positively dripping with lore for the dragons.  Now that Arthas’ head is next on the chopping block for Big Bad’s to be dealt with in the lore, we look to who’s on deck for destruction.  For that, we need to look to the dragon lore.

Let’s look at the state of the dragons at this point in LK.  Malygos is dead, Nozdormu is fighting… Nozdormu, Ysera is still sleeping, Alexzstraza is made of win, and as far as we know, Deathwing is sitting on his heels in Grim Batol.  And, above it all, there is still a Wyrmrest Accord.  Just because magic has been saved doesn’t mean the dragons’ work is done.  And, story wise, it makes little sense for the dragons to sit on their heels while we go swimming with Azshara.  Enter the Emerald Dream expansion, and more dragon lore than your little reptilian fan-boy brain ever hoped for.

Deathwing is still around.  Even though most of his brood is dead, the demon soul exists no more, and Grim Batol is a mere memory, and don’t you think for a second that Alexstraza has forgotten about Ol’ Tall, Dark, and Crazy.  His continued existence is a mockery to life on Azeroth, and the fact that we were forced to kill Malygos due to his madness from what Deathwing did back in the day instead of killing Deathwing himself will always be a sticking point for me.

Enter the Emerald Dream.  We come back to Wyrmrest Temple, and Alexzstraza tasks us with our next epic.  Ysera has to be awoken from her nightmare, Nozdormu needs to face his nightmare, and Alexstraza’s nightmare needs to feel the sting of our swords.  Just because Malygos is dead doesn’t mean dragon lore is all done.  But, because he is dead, the rest of those problems scream to be resolved, and they won’t wait for anything, even the Maelstrom.

Expect the Emerald Dream to contain its own version of Onyxia’s lair, much the same way that WoW Classic, Burning Crusade, and Lich King have.  And expect it to be Grim Batol.  Start stocking up on fire resistance now,  because Deathwing is going to burn.

The Emerald Dream is coming.  The Day of the Dragon has passed, the Night of the Dragon has fallen, and I can’t wait for the Dragon’s Tomorrow.

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1 Cocles February - 2009 at 4:54 am

Congrats to Dangablad on being our second guest contributor…

…and he raises an interesting question:

When IS Deathwing going to be in WoW? What makes this question so intriguing is there isn’t an obvious answer.

The Deathwing fanboy in all of us wants to shout, “Screw Sargeras! Deathwing is WoW’s endboss, YEAH!!!” But the fact is, we downed Malygos at 80, and Deathwing can’t be THAT much more powerful than his fellow aspects, so he has to be coming up soon. Emerald Dream? Maelstrom? I’m curious how Blizzard will fit him in.

2 Dangablad February - 2009 at 6:19 am

The funny thing is Deathwing is purportedly armored in adamantite plates. And like every blacksmith out there, I automatically think “Adamantite? My Saronite Cleavers would rip that in half, to say nothing of my Titansteel Champion.”

Ah, Blizzard. You played the Adamantite card just a little early methinks.

3 care February - 2009 at 9:51 am

They’ll find a quick fix for that. “Adamantite? Uhhh… we meant… SUPER Adamantite.”

4 Dangablad February - 2009 at 11:27 am

Maybe it’s Tempered Adamantite.

Coal needs to be used again anyway.

5 Thurokiir February - 2009 at 1:41 pm

Its runed, goblins forged it and when it molded to the body of Neltharion, to contain that mighty magic of the entirety of the existing blue dragon flight it became as much a part of Deathwing as his unnerving psychosis.

Because in the forging of the armor Neltharion and his head goblin went through dozens of alloys and what not, the final being an adamantite alloy for lightness and something else for strength.

That said, I forget offhandedly but didn’t Deathwing steal the batch of eggs? Or did tyranastraz stop that? *bit foggy on that* but, I sincerely doubt that Deathwing’s lair will be onyxia style, he is the ruler of all earth, I’m expecting an insane cave temple, a goblin army <= which would be awesome imho. and above all bizzare earthly constructs that are powered by the insane power of Neltharion.

6 Dangablad February - 2009 at 2:39 pm

Deathwing did not steal the batch of eggs. Rhonin rocked the Demon Soul and Ysera, Malygos, and Nozdormu gave him what five, which is what for plus one because they are dragons… and Aspects.

7 Cocles March - 2009 at 5:16 am

Are you sure? Now I have to go check “Day of the Dragon” again.

8 care March - 2009 at 10:54 am

they updated the gate graphics to grim batol. zomg!

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