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Death KnightRougly a week ago, a whole slew of information was released for “Wrath of the Lich King“. Among this information, was our first real, meaty taste of the new Death Knight class Blizzard will be debuting within the expansion.

At Blizzcon ’07 it was suggested that the Death Knight class would start out in Stratholme and have to break his or her way out.

Along with the announcements last week, it was revealed that Death Knights would begin in a floating Necropolis similar to Naxxramas. Their initial quests would involve teaching the player the basics of the class.

Here’s what I’m hoping…

The Stratholme breakout concept is just too good to let go. When I initially heard this idea, I envisioned creating your character, logging into the game, and immediately finding yourself as the Death Knight end-boss of UD Strat fighting against a 5 man group of NPC’s. Think about it, you create your character, log on, and suddenly there you are being tanked by a warrior, with three dps attacking you, and a priest in the back healing. The NPC’s would of course be extemely low on health and easy to kill. You maul them over, have your sudden breakdown, and decide to leave the Scourge. Resurrected UD Strat mobs would then block your escape as you plowed through them on your way to freedom.

I hope they at least keep a semblance of this. It’s definitely possible. You logon, you’re in the Necropolis, you do the quests teaching you how to play your class, and then you decide to escape.

Right now, in UD Strat, there is a green portal to the left of the entrance to the end-boss’s lair. I believe this was intended to be the original entrance to Naxx. (Remember when Molten Core’s entrance was at the back of Blackrock Depths?)

My hope is that when we as a Death Knight escape from the Necropolis, we are ported down to that portal at the back of UD Strat. It is then our goal to fight our way out. To tie it all together, at the front entrance to Strat we could find a five man team of our faction (NPC’s) fighting their way in. We save them, and because of this they offer to escort us to Light’s Hope Chapel where we can officially join our intended faction (Horde or Alliance).

Of course, who knows if this will happen? I personally just really love it when MMO’s stretch their capabilities and create an experience this cinematic.

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1 Thurokiir May - 2008 at 3:48 am

I could only imagine when I start a death knight; “wha, whos this? wtf?!”


2 Cocles May - 2008 at 3:50 am

Yeah, exactly. Good fun. 😉

3 Dangablad May - 2008 at 6:02 am


That would almost make me want to roll a Death Knight.


4 GodfriedtheSplastickpaladin January - 2009 at 6:53 am


but anyway, no, that was incorrect and the actual intro is much much better than being tanked in Strat, which is fail.

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