The Underrated Centaurs of WoW

WoW - CentaursWhen it comes to loregies about WoW there’s lots of talk regarding races such as the Blood Elves, Pandaren, and Orcs. One of the most underrated races however, are the Centaur.

They have their own zone, Desolace, and they’re closer than one might realize to becoming a force to be reckoned with in the over-arching world of Warcraft.

What they need is a catalyst. And they have one. Actually… two.

At the southern end of Desolace, a Pariah wanders the wasteland. In writing terms, you’d call this a “Christ Figure“. His goal? To unify the centaur into a proud race on par with the Orc’s and Night Elves. In his quest chain you repair and bring him the one and only artifact he believes he needs to accomplish this goal.

This might seem all a bit speculative if it weren’t for the other, much more formidable catalyst.

The Centaur have a new god.

No longer under the sinister influence of their mother Theradras, at the end of Maraudan the Centaur fall under the gaze of their much more benevolent, wiser father Zaetar.

A Christ figure and a new god… when it comes to catalysts that’s as strong as they come.

While I personally don’t think we’ll see the centaur taking as strong a role as say… the Orcs in Warcraft lore, I think it’s only a matter of time before they’re on par with say… the Goblins.

And let’s face it, far into the future… WoW2? Warcraft 4? The Centaur would make an awesome playable race.

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1 Dangablad December - 2007 at 11:13 am

Bah, makes me wish I paid more attention to the Desolace quests. I completely skip the zone on most of my characters, mainly becase the Alliance quests are annoyingly stupid. (Only real worthwhile ones are the ones where you kill the Elf traitor and the starter for the Scarlet Monestary starter).

I’m just starting to get into them on my Druid though, so I will definitely keep an eye open.

2 Cocles January - 2008 at 3:10 am

The place to really pay attention is Maraudon and all of the quests it involves. That’s where the real Centaur lore hits, specifically the pariah and their new god.

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