Cataclysm Dungeon – Grimtotem?

GrimtotemSo recently posted an article regarding the photograph of a map taken some time around BlizzCon.  Now sure, this is old news.  And while admits they somehow missed the map when it was first circulated, I in turn missed something myself:

There’s a dungeon now in Thousand Needles.

Why is this especially interesting?

Because there is really only one thing of interest in Thousand Needles that could survive a major flood, and be dungeon-worthy… the Grimtotem clan.It has been a long standing complaint among players (especially Horde) that there has never been a “Tauren-Themed” dungeon, or even, since Vanilla WoW much Tauren lore.  Cairne?  Who?  He’s almost as forgotten about as Theron over in Silvermoon.  Hamuul, the Horde Archdruid himself, sits forgotten as a level 62 non-elite NPC with only 3500 health.

Fortunately, Cataclysm is already setting out to rectify this.

We already know that Cairne Bloodhoof is to be killed, and his son Baine take his place.

(Allow me this sidenote.  As a screenwriter by day, I’ve been asked numerous times what I would write if I decided to take a stab at WarCraft fan-fiction.  This would be in.  In my head, I envision Cairne dieing in Orgrimmar, and parallel chaos erupting in Thunder Bluff as the Grimtotem finally make their move to take the city.  Magatha seeks out the most important target herself, Baine Bloodhoof, only to find herself facing off against Hamuul, who protects the boy.  God knows if we’ll see anything even close to this, but it’d make a great novella.)

As for Magatha… let’s take a look at her for a moment.

She is one of the most powerful Tauren shaman alive, yet she is found not on Spirit Rise with the other shaman, but on Elder Rise with the druids.  Why Elder Rise?  My guess would be to subtly keep her within a closer proximity to Hamuul so he can keep an eye on her for Cairne.

When Cairne is killed in Cataclysm, this will undoubtedly serve as some type of catalyst for the Grimtotem.  From various quests, we know they are in league with the Royal Apothecary Society.  Figure this:  whatever happens, it will result with the Tauren of the horde shifting to an active offensive against the Grimtotem clan.  This will culminate with the dungeon in Thousand Needles.

The objective:  Rescue Baine?  Kill Magatha?  Heck, kill an undead Magatha raised by her Forsaken allies?  Who knows.

Either way, it should be fun, and long, long overdue.

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