Calia Menethil – Where is she?

[November 2011 Update: With the next expansion taking place entirely in Pandaria, it looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to learn Calia Menethil’s fate.  Suffice to say that the current speculation still stands.  We’ll see her when Kul Tiras finally makes its appearance in WoW.]

This is some pretty stretched speculation here, but I have a hunch that we’re going to finally, openly see Calia Menethil in the upcoming Lost Isles expansion.

Who is Calia Menethil?  You can read about her here, but to quickly summarize, she’s Prince Arthas’ sister and the Princess of Lordearon.  Have we seen her outside of stories involving Arthas?  Yes, actually.  Yes we have… more than once.

Calia Hastings in Theramore is heavily rumored to actually be Calia Menethil  working undercover.  There’s also the coin you can fish up in Dalaran.

But the most intriguing info I’ve found is from the Horde Players Guide for the WoW Table Top RPG.  In it, there is a shortstory about  a Forsaken member of the Argent Dawn freeing a “Princess” who is a prisoner within the Undercity.  Was it Calia?  Well– Who else could it be?  Moira Thaurissan? Azeroth, surprisingly, isn’t exactly teetering with princesses.

There’s also been a rumor that Calia actually *is* currently married to Daval Prestor (Deathwing) who she was betrothed to.  Personally I find this hard to believe when you take into account Deathwing’s new human form.  But hey… Blizzard has done stranger things.

So why Lost Isles?  I’m all but certain that Calia Hastings is really Calia Menethil.  Otherwise, it just seems weird to have some SI:7 agent running around with the name Calia.  It could be a red herring, but why bother adding that for something currently so peripheral?  The fact that she’s on Theramore says something.  Why not Stormwind?  This leads me to believe she has something to do with Kul Tiras.  Perhaps that is where she fled after her brother went mad.  It makes sense, since if she had a boat Kul Tiras would be much easier to reach (and possibly even safer) than Stormwind.

With the Kul Tiras connection in mind, one can’t help but note that we’ll probably finally get to see our favorite island nation in the next expansion.  With Kul Tiras included in Lost Isles, I’m betting we’ll also have Calia Menethil as an added perk.  Will she be important to the plot?  I have no idea.  But at the very absolute least she’ll be one heck of a curiosity.  Now, we just need to make her undead and pit her against Sylvanas for the throne of the Undercity. 😉

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1 Milan Sovilj August - 2011 at 11:13 am

Noooooo. Tbh I would rather keep Sylvanas. The other stuff in this post is pretty sweet, but I just dont think she can hold a candle to sylvanas IMO.

2 HollisterrLS August - 2011 at 5:29 pm

very nice read, thank you again for making a post. I enjoy these very much!

3 Stormcrow August - 2011 at 3:07 am

I think a cut scene or something like that with Tirion (or someone) visiting to tell her that Arthas had been defeated would of been cool. Maybe if she is in the next expansion we will get to see some of the events from her side, something like Leyaras locket atleast to answer some questions.

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