Lich King

Bolvar Fordragon’s Return?

October 26, 2009

SPOILERS ABOUND. Granted, most of this is speculation, but hey.  You’ve been warned. So this model popped up on the PTR’s last week and a debate began raging over whether or not it was Bolvar. Enough time has passed.  It’s time to weigh in. Yes.  It’s Bolvar.  In fact it’s so painfully obvious that it’s […]

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The Next Lich King

October 12, 2009

So a few hours ago posted an article speculating who the next “Lich King” would be. We’ve asked this question ourselves, and even hinted our thoughts, but we’ve never actually given an answer. As it currently stands, the “Lich King” is entirely Arthas with the Ner’zhul half either dead or completely dominated by Arthas. […]

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