Queen Azshara – WoW’s Next Boss after Cataclysm?

June 11, 2011
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With every major expansion in WoW we have had one headliner boss.  Sure, there have been cameos such as Kil’Jaeden, but ultimately only one who received top-billing.  The three so far have obviously been Illidan, Arthas, and now Deathwing.  So who will be next? That’s simple:  Queen Azshara.  Period.  And here’s why…

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Future Expansions for WoW – Redux

November 9, 2010
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[October 2011 Update: Now that Mists of Pandaria has been officially announced, we can make an even better guess as to what will come after it. So far, we’ve been correct with story progression: Vanilla Outland Northrend Emerald Dream Maelstrom Argus That said, Blizzard threw us a couple of curve balls.  The Emerald Dream expansion was released as […]

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Hellgate Expansion Idea

October 8, 2007

Perusing through the forums at hellgateguru.com I came upon a thread discussing a Hellgate Expansion Idea. What interested me most was the map. An interesting concept to follow a line, leading somewhere. The developers might not like it though as that would pigeon-hole them into a “What do we do once we reach Point B?” […]

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