Urban Monsters – A Shameless, oh so Shameless Plug

Urban Monsters Cover Issue #1Yes, I know. This is a flat, unadulterated, undeniable, shameless plug.

But hey, it’s also what I’ve been working on recently, so you might as well hear about it.

On February 27th, the first issue of the comic book Urban Monsters will be released through Image Comics. It’s a three issue mini-series with the other installments coming out at the end of March and April.

The story entails four guys living in New York who decide to make the big plunge and drive to Los Angeles to be movie stars. The catch is they’re monsters and they want to be in monster movies.

I’ve been working on the project, as its creator, with Vin DiBona and the head of his motion picture division, Joanne Moore. The four lead characters are based on three good friends of mine from college as well as yours truly, me.

If you’re into comics, or just curious, please pick up a copy and let me know what you think. It’s currently available online for pre-order, and will be in comic book stores everywhere as of February 27th.

Also, a few weeks ago, Image Comics issued their own official press release that you can check out here: Press Release (scroll about 3/4 of the way down).

Thanks, and see you in the forums!

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