Lore in Need

Lore in Need: Feudal Japan

June 1, 2009

For as popular as Samurais, Ninjas, and Japanese architecture are, it’s surprising  there isn’t a mainstream MMO that makes full use of them. Unfortunately, virtually all fantasy MMO’s are stuck in some derivative of Middle Earth, a western style fantasy.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Middle Earth, what we’re complaining about here is the […]

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Chris Avellone needs to do a “Post Nuclear Apocalypse” MMORPG

October 16, 2007

For those of you who don’t know, Chris Avellone began as a level designer for Fallout 2, then would go on to be Co-Lead Designer for the original cancelled Fallout 3 (not the Elder Scrolls IV meets Fallout version currently in development). So why does Chris matter? Why is he worth mentioning? Because he’s the […]

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