Hellgate Expansion Idea

Hellgate Box CoverPerusing through the forums at hellgateguru.com I came upon a thread discussing a Hellgate Expansion Idea.

What interested me most was the map. An interesting concept to follow a line, leading somewhere. The developers might not like it though as that would pigeon-hole them into a “What do we do once we reach Point B?” situation.

The specific destinations on the map cause me to raise an eyebrow though. Paris would be tough to do without simply being “more of London”. I fully agree with Rome, a city thick with lore. Cairo? Babylon? Maybe. To me though, this is Hellgate; a game that prominently exhibits the Templar. And if you’re going to use the Templar then you need to use Jerusalem.

“Hellgate: Jerusalem” could also introduce a new faction, the “Hashshashim”, the medieval Muslim sect where we get the word “assassin”. And if developers wished to sound timely and deep they could point out that what “Hellgate: Jerusalem” offers is a situation where the Christian and Muslim worlds have joined forces to defeat Hell within one of the world’s most holy cities. Plenty of lore for some awesome story telling and one heck of an expansion.

On a side note a poll also posted at the hellgateguru.com forums lists “Hellgate: Tokyo” as the top choice. Tokyo? Hmm. At this point, the lore of Hellgate is based on a Christian, Judaic, and plausibly Muslim foundation. With that in mind, I think the series should stay in the “old world” where those religions were formed. Namely, western Europe and the Middle East. Shinto and Bhuddhism just don’t gel with the whole “HELLGATE” thing.

Doesn’t mean I don’t want to see a feudal Japan MMO though.


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