Darkfall is Coming…

Darkfall LogoA little over a year ago I asked if this game was for real.  The press releases showed material that reeked heavily of a shell polished to look shiny for would-by investors, but with nothing inside.

Fortunately, my fears were unfounded as in less than a week from now Darkfall will be released in Europe, and yes, Americans are welcome.

What’s interesting about Darkfall is this really is a very PVP centric game, yet it is packed with an impressive amount of lore.

PVP’ers typically aren’t the type of players to appreciate lore.  Quite the opposite.  So it’s surprising to see this much lore in a game catering to that crowd.

And how hardcore is Darkfall, you may ask?  Well, when you die your entire corpse can be looted of everything you’re carrying except for your starter weapons.  There is no leveling, your skills simply go up the more you use them.  Slaying monsters and quests is really just for gathering gold, materials, and gear.

For more info on the preorder you can go here.

A great review of the game can be found here.

And because we’re into that kind of stuff, the game’s official lore page can be found here.

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